10 Best Chop Saw – Reviews & Buying guide

A chop saw is usually an electric sawing device consisting of a sharp and robust saw blade. It is suitable for creating both straight and 90-degree angled cuts for creating various designs. Many renovations involve numerous projects which require the chop saws to develop them. They are powerful enough to make quick and accurate cuts on different materials, especially metals and woods.

Chop saws are a perfect and efficient tool for building frames, molding, or other tasks. If you need to create DIY projects, furniture, garden fences, terrace construction or wall coverings, then choosing the best chop saw will make your job way more relaxed. Nothing can give a more smooth finish and accurate square cuts rather than the chop saws.

10 Best Chop Saw Reviews in 2020

We are representing the reviews of the top 10 best rated chop saws along with all of their features to help you to choose the right one for you.

Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380 Steel Cutting Chop Saw

best chop saw for metalThe Evolution Power Tools EVOSAW380 is the best chop saw for metal. It has these following properties:


Its robust cast aluminum base makes it so durable and strong to use in technical aspects. This item weighs 55 pounds.

Evolution blade

It comes with a 14-inch mild blade suitable for cutting steel with a smooth finishing. Other abrasive blades degrade the cutting capability and quality after using for a limited time. But this Evolution blade is 20 times stronger than them. It can quickly cut 1000 times in a 2 in x 2 in steel, maintaining both quality and capability.

Motor with gearbox

It doesn’t require any battery. It has a 15 amp motor that generates 1800 watt power with a gearbox. The gearbox is responsible for increasing the output torque of the engine and changing its speed. In this way, it decreases the load of the motor and develops the performance of metal cutting.

Cold saw

This dry metal-cutting saw produces minimal sparks and heat while the user is using it. So, It cools down immediately, and the user doesn’t need to use any coolant. That’s why it is also called a cold chop saw.


You will get a limited warranty of three years while buying this product.


  • Substantial cast aluminum base for stability
  • Chip deflection shield
  • Built-in scrape collection tray
  • Produces lower heat and sparks
  • 0-45 degrees adjustable vice


  • Some parts are flimsy may
  • Sometimes price may goes beyond budget


DEWALT D28710 Abrasive Chop Saw

This product is currently unavailable in the store. There is a newer model arrived. You can check DEWALT D28730 Abrasive Chop Saw instead of this model.

best budget chop saw

This is rewarded as the best budget chop saw of all saws described in this article. Let’s discuss its some features:

High-performance motor

It consists of a 15 amp motor that supplies 4HP for increasing performance. The motor also offers improved overload protection and durability. This 18-3/16 inch long tool has a maximum capacity of 4 x 7-5/8 inch.

Top advantages

It implements the QUICK-LOCK Vise mechanism to clamp various-size materials for improving its productivity. Besides, the spindle-lock device enables the user to change the wheel quickly and effortlessly. It includes an on-board wrench to exchange the wheels and store easily. It utilizes a pivoting fence for designing up tp 45- degree angle cuts.

Comfortable handle

It also contains an integrated top handle to carry, hold, and handle it conveniently. This “D” handle is ergonomically designed for ensuring a comfortable hand position. Therefore, you won’t face any trouble to use it, and it will cause less hand fatigue even if you are using it for a long time.


The manufactures guarantee its fast operation, durability and smoother finish with its aluminum oxide grain wheels. The high-performance wheels include a 1-inch wheel arbor, which perfectly fits the wheels. The authority will give you a 90-day money-back guarantee, 1-year free service,  and warranty of 3 years that can for sure includes this model in your best abrasive chop saw list.


  • Ergonomic D-handle design
  • 45-degree adjustable fence
  • Aluminum oxide grain wheel for smooth cut
  • Quick-lock vise
  • Spark guard


  • Start-up pulls too much amps
  • Not suitable for multipurpose use



DEWALT DW872 Multi-Cutter Saw

DEWALT Metal Cutting Saw DW872The Dewalt DW872 is a corded-electric saw having the multi-cutting facility. The incredible characteristics, which make the tool in the list are given below:

Motor: It operates by a 15 amp motor. The engine delivers four horsepower for providing a functional capacity with enhanced performance. This facility offers maximum versatility as it allows to cut a wide range of materials including metals and other hard items.

Carbide-tipped blade

It utilizes a 70-tooth carbide-tipped blade which is 14-inch long. The incredible design with carbide teeth allows precise, fast, and burr-free cuts. The heavy-duty blade lasts for a long time with maintaining the same depth of cut throughout its life. It can cut a 2 x2 x 1/4-inch iron-piece four times quicker than a regular chop saw and eight times faster than a typical band saw. The blade provides less cost-per-cut than using an abrasive wheel to cut.

Ergonomic structure

It is 55 pounds in weight. Its ergonomic design offers more user control and comfortability. It includes a wrench and vertical clamp to positioning the material to get a clearer vision and more ease of work. If you don’t want to use the wrench, skip it. It features an adjustable quick-fence to fulfill the same purpose while making angled cuts. It has a 1-inch arbor that fits the wheels correctly.


This product comes with a full warranty for one year.


  • Can cut different materials, ferrous and non-ferrous metals also
  • Fast clamping with quick-lock vise
  • 4x faster cutting capacity than other chop saws
  • Keep the work piece cool
  • Horizontal ergonomically designed handle


  • Some users complained for bad clamping
  • A little bit pricy


DEWALT D28715 Quick-Change Chop Saw

best value chop sawsThe DEWALT D28715 is one of the best value chop saws available in the market. It is imported and manufactured in China. This machine is best for tool Organizers and hand tools. Let’s see its key attributes:

Blade and motor

It features a 14-inch long blade that is suitable for cutting both plastic and metal. The machine performs its task effectively without overheating. It has a powerful 15 amp motor with a maximum 5.5HP. Such high power results in enhanced overload capacity. The accessible brushes deliver convenient servicing for reducing the down-time of the work-site.

Tool-free facilities

It implies quick-change technology offering the effortless blade changing capability to the users without the need for a wrench. It has another tool-free characteristic, which is a quick-fence adjustment. The facility helps to adjust the fence up to 45-degree for doing the angled designs on the material. Its sturdy lock-down pin offers locking position of the saw-head without the need of a chain.

Ergonomic construction: Bottom of Form

It has an ergonomically designed structure for optimizing the most user comfortability and ease of working. For example, it features a ‘D’ handle confirming a comfortable position of hands, secure grip, and decreasing fatigue due to long term usage.


You will receive a limited warranty of three years, free service of one year, and a money-back guarantee of 90 days along with the versatile machine.


  • More overload capacity
  • Quick blade change system
  • Tool free fence adjustment
  • Soft starting mechanism
  • Quick-lock vise


  • Not suitable for cutting metals
  • Poor clamping mechanism


Makita LC1230 Metal Cutting Chop Saw

best sliding chop sawsThe Makita LC1230 is widely used in industrial and non-industrial metal-cutting applications. This tool has these basic features:


It has a 15 amp motor that operates in 120 volts and provides 1,700 RPM rotational speed for the most demanding tasks. It is four times faster than abrasive cut-off chop saws for cutting in angle iron, conduit, tubing, light pipe, and channel.


This product weighs only 38 Pounds. Its cast aluminum construction ensures a long lifetime and high stability.


It features a carbide-tipped blade having the ability of 4-1/2 inch and 3-1/2 inch maximum cutting depth in 90-degree and 45-degree respectively. This 12-inch long blade lasts 50 times longer compared to the abrasive wheels. The blades are cost-efficient and reliable for clean cutting.

Other advantages

It has a lock-off switch for preventing accidental starting, which may result in injuries. It also includes a D-shape handle in its body, so that you can hold and use it easily. Its quick-release fence can be adjusted up to 45-degree by tool-less guide plate for precise miter cutting. It is considered as a virtually burr-free machine, reducing the need for using ear protection. Overall, it is one of the best sliding chop saws one can ever find.


  • Long lasting carbide blade
  • D shape handle design
  • 2-finger trigger
  • Lock-off switch for preventing accidental starting
  • Shreds collection tray


  • Clamping issues again!
  • Not suitable for stainless steel cutting


MK Morse CSM14MB Cold Cut Chop Saw

Best dry cut metal chop sawIf you are looking for the best dry cut metal chop saw, go for the MK Morse CSM14MB chop saw. You can use this 14-inch metal saw for cutting metal studs, conduit, angle iron, plastic pipe as well as tubing applications. Check its main features before buying the saw:

Motor and blade

It features a low-speed as well as high torque motor having 1,300 RPM rotational speed. It utilizes a 72-tooth carbide blade which is capable of cutting various metals instead of grinding them.

Cool cutting operation

It performs the cutting process with a good finishing while generating no spark, smell, and noise. Besides, it doesn’t become hot right after using it for a long time. You will be amazed to touch the cool recently-cut metal edges.


It comes out with a safety guard, earplugs, and safety goggles adding extra protection for avoiding unexpected accidents or harm. It also includes both 6- and 8-millimeter on-board blade changing hex wrenches to diminish the probabilities of loss and store conveniently.

Beveling vice and warranty

With the beveling clamp, you can lock the material in your desired position and perform cutting effectively. This mitering vise will allow beveling from 0 to 45- degrees according to your choice. You will get a warranty of one year along with this chop saw.


  • Cuts with not sparks and lower heat
  • High torque motor with low speed
  • Clean and faster cuts
  • Versatile metal cutting saw
  • Safety guards


  • Comparatively expensive



Porter cable metal cutting sawIf you want the best value chop saw for metal, the PORTER-CABLE PCE700 won’t let you down. It uses an 8 ft power cord to supply power from an electric power outlet. Let’s dive into its main properties:


It uses a 15 Amp motor to operate. With 3,800 RPM rotational speed, the motor contains replaceable brushes offering long lifetime and supreme power. The saw gives its best performance and maximum functionality due to the impressive 4HP power of the motor. It has a 14-inch long blade, powerful enough with 4-3/4 x 5-1/3-inch cutting capacity.


The durable steel base guarantees excellent stability and robustness. IF you still find any defect or problem, there is good news for you. This saw provides a three-year limited warranty.

User control

You can change the blade easily by its spindle lock. Its quick-release clamp offers effortless metal removal advantage and cutting. It also features a cutting fence having miter adjustment facilities. This characteristic provides a maximum 45- degree cutting angles to the users. As a bonus, there is also a spark deflector for optimizing the protection and clear visibility for cutting. All of these characteristics give better user control.


It weighs 32 pounds. With the PORTER-CABLE PCE700 chop saw, the users can make both angled and straight cuts quickly and efficiently.


  • Heavy duty steel base for steadiness
  • Spark deflector
  • Pretty price
  • Spindle lock for easy blade changing
  • Lightweight design


  • More sparks produced compared to Dewalt saws
  • Not ideal for cutting thin metals


Ironton Dry Cut Metal Saw

best cordless chop sawsThis 52 pounds saw is more powerful than most of the best cordless chop saws. It is an incredible saw with these following characteristics:


The Ironton chop saw takes power from a 15 Amps, 1450 RPM motor operating in 110V. With a maximum of 3 3/8 HP, the motor is Ideal for cutting angle iron, pipe, and conduit. It has a safety shield which protects your hands while using the saw.

Carbide-tipped blade

It has a 14-inch sharp blade for cutting up to 4 3/4inch thick round stock and 4 1/8inch thick square stock. This Carbide-tipped blade ensures an accurate and clean cutting. The blade doesn’t produce any fume, smoke, and sparks, so that doesn’t require coolant.

Sturdy construction

Its sturdy cast aluminum base provides the optimum stability to the saw. The stable structure and heavy-duty blade make the machine robust and long-lasting. It has a lock-off button for reducing the chance of injuries due to accidental starting.

User control

You can adjust it from 0 to 45- degrees for fast and effortless miter cutting. You will receive a tool-less guide plate for this reason. Its D-handle delivers optimum comfort for grabbing the tool ad handle it efficiently. Another impressive characteristic is that it includes a quick-release vise, which makes the storage process easier and supports fast cutting.


  • Restructured D shape handle
  • Secured thumb lock button to prevent accidental starts
  • Debris shield
  • Steel base for stability
  • Long lasting blade
  • Quick release vise


  • Some users complained the quality of the blade


Evolution Power Tools RAGE2 Multipurpose Cutting Chop Saw

This product is currently unavailable in the store. There is a similar model in this category. You can check Evolution S355CPSL 14” Chop Saw instead of this model.

best chop saw for the moneyThis multi-purpose cutting saw is the best chop saw for the money. It is 46.0  pounds in weight. These unique attributes make it better than most other saws:

Versatile blade and potent motor

You can cut through numerous materials including plastic, wood, steel, aluminum, other metals, etc. with this corded-electric saw. You can use a single blade for cutting any items you want. It consists of a robust 15 amp motor delivering almost 1800-watt power and 1450 RPM speed.

Tungsten blade

It features a single 36-Tooth TCT (tungsten carbide tipped) Blade that is 14-inch long. Another surprising factor is that this blade lasts more than 20 times longer than the regular abrasive wheels. The maximum cutting depth of this chop saw doesn’t gradually reduce like an abrasive disk.

Cold saw

This cold saw blade doesn’t produce any burrs, heat, and sparks when anyone is cutting metals. Even if you are cutting through a 6mm mild steel, it will give an instantly smooth finish without any heat and sparks.

Clamping and warranty

Its fast clamping system allows miter cuts from 0 to 45 degrees. It will give you a three-year limited warranty for functionality or maintenance problems and replacement of defected parts. Overall, it implements high technologies for cleaner, faster, and safer cutting.


  • Can cut steel, aluminum or wood with a single blade
  • Virtually produces no sparks
  • High torque motor
  • Makes faster and clean cut
  • Quick release vise


  • Poor back fence quality
  • Less stable base


Bosch 3814 Abrasive Cut-Off Chop Saw Machine

Bosch 3814 abrasive chop sawThe Bosch 3814 is a corded-electric saw designed for long term use with maximum functionality. Consider its following features before buying this tool:

Versatile motor

It consists of a 15 Amps motor offering 3,900 RPM high rotational speed. Its superior motor insulation prevents problems due to motor over-load when the user using it for a tough project. As a result, you can use it both for natural and hard applications.

Convenient user control

It features a quick-release locking vise that holds any material in the user’s desired position for fast and delicate operation. With the adjustable fence, you can adjust the beveling level up to 45-degree for fine miter cuts. It also includes a spindle lock enabling the users to change the wheels quickly. Because of the integrated carry handle, you can work with it conveniently.


It features a lock-on trigger, which makes it ideal for use in extended applications. Its roller and bearing structure is responsible for delivering a constant power transmission and extended machine life as well. With the improved technologies and its quality construction with a steel gear, this product remains useable for an extended period. The Bosch 3814 saw comes with a limited warranty of one year from the date of buying it.


  • Superior motor insulation
  • Adjustable fence
  • Flexible depth stop for maximum control
  • Locking vise for efficient cutting
  • Spindle lock


  • Less stable stamped steel base


Buying Guide on choosing the best chop saw

As there are a variety of chop saws available in the market and online store, you should consider some specific features to select the best chop saw for your projects.


A powerful motor is the key factor of a high-performance chop saw. Chop saws have to use a minimum of 15 amp motor that provides a maximum of four motor horsepower to deliver excellent productivity.


The available blade types, sizes, and capabilities vary a lot depending on the material you are going to cut using the blade. The blade types can be classified into two categories- the cold saw blade and the abrasive metal saw blade. An abrasive metal saw blade generates sparks as well as takes time to cool down after cutting. But a cold saw blade can cut through metal without causing any sparks and leave it cool right after using.


The fence is essential for ensuring the highest accuracy for cutting precise angles conveniently. With this tool, you can easily position your workpiece for a delicate cut.

General features: You should also pay attention to the highest depth of cut, speed, cutting width, performance, tilt angle control, safety measures, weight, smooth finish, etc. Always check the warranty before buying a saw.

Budget option

Fix your budget limit. Purchase such a chop saw, which fulfills all of your personalized requirements and its expense stays within your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a chop saw used for?

A chop saw is a powerful tool that is used for more accurate, precise cuts in different materials. But it is important to note that chop saw provides only accurate straight cuts, not angled cuts. Chop saw only can move up and down. It will allow you to make any angled cuts when it is a miter saw.

However, a chop saw is used to have more accurate and faster straight, square cuts compared to other circular devices. You can use this saw:

  • to cut any metals pipes and steel pieces
  • for any woodworking projects
  • for cutting iron rods
  • for any remodeling, construction or demolition process

Chop saw gains popularity for its different types of uses on different materials, but in general chop saw is used for any kind of molding or framing works.

How does a chop saw work?

Chop saw is a powerful tool that can make any and only straight or angled cuts. It is advised not to use the saw for any purpose that the saw is not built for. A typical chop saw has these following common parts:

  1. Ergonomic handle with an on-off switch
  2. Cutting circular blade
  3. Vise handle with adjustable vise

When you need to cut any objects with the chop saw, you have to put the object on the saw. It is suggested that before putting the object for final cutting, it should be appropriately marked at what angle or size it will be cut. So after determining the required size, the object must be placed within the vise or fence area. You can adjust the place with the adjustable vise of the chop saw.

Be sure that any clamping of the piece should be on the same side of the cut to reduce the damage if any unwanted stop of the saw or any kickback arises. After placing the object correctly against the back fence of the saw, you need to make preparations on starting the machine by pressing the on/off trigger. Let the blade then reach full speed before attempting the cut.

Now, move the blade or head of the saw straight down to the object you are trying to cut. Don’t pressure the blade on the tip of the piece. Chop saw is designed to make a straight cut so smoothly with lower effort from you. After finishing the cut get back the head of the saw to the previous position by pulling it up and let the blade entirely stop by pressing the on/off switch. This is perfect! Now release the workpiece from the chop saw fence and you are done with an exact straight cut!

Why do you need a chop saw?

Chop saw is specially designed for cutting hard metals and softwoods. The biggest pros of a chop saw is the power of it. It is a fast and efficient saw that can make only straight, or 90 degrees angled cut more precisely than other kinds of the circular saw in its industry.

When you need to work with some heavy metal work you should choose the chop saw instead of a miter saw. It is the most important thing to consider that miter saw can cut both straight and angled cut, so why do you buy a chop saw that produce only square cuts.

Chop saw has more abrasive blade than any other of its counterpart. Again, you may change the blade according to your cutting needs. If you want to have better straight, square cutting experience in metal or steel pipes cutting, softwoods remodeling, chain fence or iron piece cutting, any construction or demolition works or any kind of metalworking projects, you must go for a chop saw, we recommend.

You need not mess around with fixing the cutting angles or changing any complex setting as miter saw has. Just mark on your piece and move the blade up and down to have your desired cuts. This will save your effort and time than any other tools you use while you need a quick straight or square or fixed 90 degrees cut.

How much is a chop saw?

The price depends on the product quality, power, efficiency, brand etc. You have to consider some standard features on every chop saw while purchasing such as motor, blade, fence etc. according to your working needs. And when these features differ, the price may vary. The average price range of this category saw is from $80 to $500 depending on the features of the saw.

Can a chop saw cut metal?

The answer is yes! You would have noticed some chop saw has the name included the word “Metal Cutting”. And the name defines its characteristics. Professionals use chop saws for cutting any kind of metal or aluminum or iron pieces, or sometimes they use chop saws for woodworking projects also.

They use a carbide-tipped blade attached with the saw for metal projects. The more the teeth, the better and faster the cutting process. Chop saw generally designed with a clamp on the surface of the saw to hold the workpiece in place tight to produce more precise straight or square cuts.

Moreover, you can get specific blades for cutting any non-ferrous metals instead using the regular blade attached on the chop saw. Chop saw can be the best user-friendly tool on any of your metal projects.

Chop Saw Vs Miter Saw

When you have searched for chop saws online, you may have found miter saws come to the result, or when searched for miter saws, chop saws conclude! But this might not happen. This is so confusing!

As they are both circular design saw that means they have the same drop-down style with circular blade and circular motion motors, many people wrongly believe that a chop saw and a miter saw are just different names of the same tool. But this is an erroneous concept!

The main difference between the two tools is the higher torque capacity of the chop saws that are designed for any kind of industrial or domestic heavy-duty metal works. On the other hand, miter saws are perfect for woodworking projects. Chop saws are generally big in size with for example 14-inch blade that can only perform straight or square cuts, whereas miter saws come with smaller size blades and can perform both straight and angled cuts; commonly called miter cuts hence their name defines.

Let’s have a quick look at the main difference between a chop saw and a miter saw.

PointsChop SawMiter Saw
General UseMetal/softwood cuttingWoodcutting
MoveOnly in vertical axisBoth in vertical and horizontal axis
Blade SizeUp to 14 inchesUp to 12 inches
Blade TypeMultipurpose/abrasiveWood cutting
Cutting CapacityStraight 90 degrees/squareMiter cuts
TorqueHigh torque capacityLow torque capacity
UseCutting rafters, studs, metals etc.Woodworking, framing etc.

Chop saws are similar to the miter saws in terms of their functionalities. The fundamental difference between the miter saw and chop saw is that chop saw makes a straight or 90-degree angled design, where miter saws give more accurate and precise angled cuts. It is because the miter saw can rotate themselves to produce those highly-defined curves. Where a miter saw has metallic circular teeth blades, a chop saw features an abrasive blade wheel instead.

Chop saws are more potent and more significant than the miter saws. As a result, a miter saw can not cut through metallic materials as a chop saw.

Chop Saw Vs Cut-off Saw

The question does mean nothing actually. Cut-off saw is another name of the chop saw. A cut-off saw is a chop saw or an abrasive saw that has an immobile base and a downwards wheeling cutting disc attached with the saw. As likely other circular saws, chop saws use abrasive discs or blades known as cutoff wheels instead of using a saw blade to make rough cuts on any kind of metal. This cutoff wheel helps to cut faster with less effort, thus produce a precise cut.

So we can call any chop saws as a cut-off saw since they are all specially designed for making rough cuts on any metal projects with their cutoff wheels.

Abrasive Chop Saw Vs Cold Cut Chop Saw

According to the use of the blade, chop saws can be divided into two categories: abrasive chop saws and cold cut chop saws. But nowadays some manufacturers produce newer models that are compatible with both types of blades.

The chop saw with an abrasive blade called abrasive saw and cold cut blade called cold cut saw. So to clear the concept and find out the differences we need to know the features and use of both types of blades.

Abrasive Blades: Abrasive blades tends to be bigger in size, usually with 14 inches diameter. These blades are made of diamonds rooted in a metal mesh. Abrasive blades are traditionally used for any industrial works like steel and masonry cutting as they are designed for grinding rather than cutting. They produce lots of sparks and so heat the workpiece while cutting. For this reason, professionals recommend these blades not to use for lighter or domestic works. Abrasive blades hence the abrasive saw usually used for rough, harsh cuts.

Cold Cut Blades: Cold cut blades vary in size from mini blades like 7.25 inches to regular size blades like 12 inches. These are regular type carbide tipped blades with different teeth counts where more teeth more the fine cut will be produced. Cold cut blades spin at a higher speed than other kinds of blades, and there is the possibility of creating less friction. These blades prevent the materials from being heated during the cutting process and produce no sparks. There are so many types of metal cutting cold cut blades, but they are not able to cut hard metals like stainless steel.

We recommend every newbie first to learn the use of a cold cut chop saw before using the abrasive type.

What does dry cut metal saw mean?

You might have found dry cut metal saw when searched for chop saws. So you are confused that what it means when a chop saw includes this name because you have also seen just metal cutting saw in the chop saw category.

Well, no confusion. A dry cut metal saw is the chop saw that is specially designed to cut the metal materials and not to make any abrasive cut. This is the same as the cut off saw or the cold cut saw that have the carbide tipped blade to produce the fine cut. So dry cut metal or just metal cutting or cold cut saw is the same tool with different names only.

How to unlock a chop saw?

Unlocking any kind of chop tool is justly simple when you know the process very well. If you have a sawing tool with the down position head, first you need to find the locking pin that keeps the head of the saw in the downward position. The locking pin should be found in the back of the saw near the hinges.

Once you have found the pin, just simply pressure the head of the saw to push down lightly. This will release the pressure from the pin, and you should be able to pull it out from the saw then to unlock the chop saw.

Final Words

A chop saw is a must-have tool for not only shops or factories but also domestic use. If you still don’t have one, you are missing the fantastic projects you can create for your home, roof, and yard. Make sure to notice all the characteristics of various chop saws, compare them with each other, and select the specific one which satisfies most of your criteria.

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