Best Battery Powered Chainsaw Reviews and Buying Guide

Wood is a simple material capable of creating multiple and extraordinary things like small creations like a box to a more complicated construction like a house. Cutting down wood has been a task we have been doing for centuries to achieve different goals, but it was not always as easy as it is in the current days.

Fortunately, long are the days when we had to strike the tree with an ax repeatedly. Of course, there are still people who enjoy that heavy work, but if you want to have an easier task, then you should get the best battery powered chainsaw.

With these handy chainsaws, you will not have to worry about failing when you attempt to cut down a tree or any sort of wood. It will get the job done, both efficiently and quickly.

That is why we have reviewed the top chainsaws currently available in the market. Let’s take a look!

Best Battery Powered Chainsaw Comparison Table

NameBatteryChain & Bar LengthDetails
Greenworks 203122.0 AH 40V16" Details
BLACK+DECKER LCS12402.0 AH 40V12" Details
DEWALT DCCS690M14.0 AH 40V16" Details
Greenworks PRO GCS804202.0 AH 80V18" Details
OREGON CS250-S6 1.25 AH 40V14" Details
Zombi ZCS58174.0 AH 58V16" Details
Earthwise LCS358142.0 AH 58V14" Details

Why Use A Battery Powered Chainsaw?

First and foremost, we should discuss what this type has to offer, and why it is a better pick than the other machines.

As the name clearly states, this type of tool requires batteries to keep it running. It is an innovative idea that wanted to offer quality performance for workers without the many restraints that the electrical corded chainsaws had.

Using a battery powered chainsaw provides us with the following:


Having batteries as their power source, allows you to take the machine with you everywhere. If you are doing your job out there and need to move constantly, the machine is coming with you no matter where you go.

It is an important quality feature that electrical corded chainsaws do not have because of their need for attachment to a power source.

Freedom to Move

These machines don’t have a cord to keep you in a certain area or slow you down. You will have a tool with enough power to cut down the wood without any restraint.


Naturally, you won’t have to worry about the chainsaw’s functionality. Once it is fully charged, you can go out there and do your job completely aware that the machine won’t let you down.

Battery Powered VS Electric Chainsaw

While manufacturers did succeed at creating a machine with quality performance, there are still some areas in which it does not compare to other types of chainsaws.

These are a few differences you should always keep in mind to avoid any unpleasant situation.


For instance, battery-powered chainsaws have a higher price than electric chainsaws. The price of the item is often determined by the type of the battery. If the battery has a higher quality, it is much more expensive.

Not only that, but the batteries will run their course eventually, and replacing them can become another headache. These are the main reasons why these chainsaws are not recommendable for someone with a small budget.


Another difference is that sometimes battery powered chainsaws comparatively offer lower performance than that of an electric chainsaw. Electric chainsaws have a constant flow of power, which keeps them working at a steady rate while a battery saw can be shut down during your work and you will have an unrehearsed situation at your work!

While electrical machines are capable of working through the strongest trees, a battery chainsaw is only recommendable for cutting trees with a diameter of 9 inches or less.

Using a battery chainsaw is enough if you want to cut trees with a small composition.

Ultimately, it will depend entirely on what type of work you are going to do. It is true that battery powered chainsaws are more attractive than the electrical ones, but both of them have great performance in different areas.

With the following reviews, we expect to provide you with enough information to clear your doubts about how effective the battery powered chainsaws truly are, and why they will prove their worth.

7 Best Battery Powered Chainsaw Reviews In 2020

Once you have finally decided to make new arrangements for your yard, or nearby trees, it is time for you to get to work. First, you need your safety equipment. Then, you need heavy tools.

In the following list, we will go through the top 7 best battery powered chainsaws available on the market to help you decide which one to pick to reach out to your work requirements.

Greenworks Cordless Chainsaw, 16 Inch

One of the main disadvantages of a battery-powered chainsaw is the fact that they cannot provide the same functionality as other types of chainsaws. However, this model from Greenworks attempts to topple that issue.

Best Battery Powered Chainsaw 2019

It is undoubtedly one of the best cordless electric chainsaws available, if not the best. And we’re going to tell you why.

This model is capable of matching up with the most relevant gas-powered chainsaws, which is the main reason it is in our position number one in this review list.

It does not require prior experience, allowing most users to use it without major complications. With the right safety measures, everyone is capable of using it to do their job, whether it is in their yard, or deep in the forest.

To do that, it features plenty of highlights that compensate each other to create a machine with great functionality.

It is a 40-voltage machine with a Lithium-Ion battery capable of having more working hours. After you finish your work, you will notice that the battery recharges quickly, allowing the users to go back to work in no time, if it is necessary.

The chainsaw’s brushless motor keeps it running for longer periods, with outstanding torque and higher power. It is because of the motor’s quality that the machine can have a greater lifespan.

While using it, the user will have a better experience with barely any kickbacks and reduces the machine’s vibration to the minimum.

For the user’s comfort, this machine has a brake to cover the main chain with a .0375 pitch. The chain design and the metal spikes make this product a really simple tool to use and complete the tasks with the quality performance overall.

The DiGiPro System integrated into its design, along with its many other characteristics, delivers a tool that overshadows other battery powered chainsaws while also having performance as strong as any gas-powered chainsaws.

Highlighted Features

  • Brushless motor provides 80% longer life, 30% more torque and 70% less vibration.
  • Up to 90 cuts per charge.
  • Bar and chain length: 16″.
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system fits the chain in a very short time for better cut.
  • DiGiPro integrated system.



BLACK DECKER Cordless Chainsaw

Using a chainsaw for wood cutting or doing other jobs on the open often comes with one big concern: will the battery last as much as it is necessary?

Best Cordless Electric Chainsaws

There is nothing more problematic than having to recharge the battery constantly, keeping you from executing your job at a constant rate. This is where this product comes into play.

It has an included quality battery that holds its charge five times more than other batteries. This battery allows the user to have a working chainsaw for a longer period. The lithium-ion qualities from the battery contribute to the machine’s durability as well.

This tool uses a twelve-inch bar that is strong enough to provide low kickback functionality. The chainsaw’s bar and its chain create a pleasant experience for the user, and you can work through the wood with quick cuts and smooth performance.

Another important feature is its design. It is a lightweight design that provides a tool easy to use and carry, if the user needs to move constantly. Portability is a highlight that manufacturers should not disregard, and you can tell the manufacturers had that in mind while designing this product.

The lubrication is another big issue solved with this model. The chainsaw has an oiling system that keeps its many pieces lubricated. Because of this, the user will have a tool with high-quality functionality and without any issues.

The design includes a comfortable handle as well. The user can get a steady grip when the chainsaw is in use. This handle does not only provide more control over the machine, but it is also very comfortable.

Furthermore, the handle allows the user to have certain flexibility to move the chainsaw with higher freedom.

In general, this is a battery worth its value. It successfully meets every goal it actively seeks to achieve.

Highlighted Features

  • Chain tensioning with no extra tools.
  • Low kickbacks and vibrations.
  • Can cut Up to 60 4×4 pine lumber per charge.
  • Automatic system for oiling.


DEWALT Lithium Ion XR Brushless Chainsaw

If what you are looking for is a chainsaw that meets your objectives with no issues at all, barely any sound and minimum vibration, then this is a clear option for you to consider.

Battery powered chainsaw reviews

People often have an issue with the chainsaw’s loud noises. This model keeps the noises at a very low level for more comfortable use. It is a tool that does not hurt your hearing, but it also makes it an ideal chainsaw to use and not draw unwanted attention.

If it’s used on yard activities, you will not have possible neighbors complaining about loud noises.

This is a very user-friendly tool that requires no high technical knowledge to operate it. It quickly starts once you push the switch, and the users can control the chainsaw’s working speed through the switch as well.

The motor is a brushless and a very powerful source of power. It features a lithium battery with 40 volts capable of providing a high-efficiency machine. For that reason, this chainsaw is capable of completing many tasks, like cutting wood or yard activities with complete ease, no loud noises, and a low vibration rate.

The user won’t have to worry about the chainsaw malfunctioning either. It offers the option to adjust and to tighten both chains and bar through the knob, which ultimately leads to a better experience for everyone. To provide a more secure performance, you also get a brake to control the chain and prevent kickbacks.

It also has an automated oil system with a lubricant that keeps the machine working at a constant flow. The chain moves smoothly, and there are no stuck risks at all.

Another highlight from this chainsaw is its maintenance process. It does not require much time or prior experience to disassemble the pieces, and maintaining is a procedure almost every user will have the possibility to accomplish.

Highlighted Features

  • Bar and chain length : 16″.
  • Variable speed trigger control by which you can push-up or push-down your chainsaw speed.
  • Keeps the noises very low.
  • Does not require technical knowledge to operate it.
  • Quick oil refilling with Quarter-turn oil cap.


Greenworks PRO Cordless Chainsaw, 18 Inch

There are a lot of battery-powered chainsaws that lack the quality performance found in other machines. It is a well-known fact that gas-powered tools can operate better than most models.

best battery chainsaw for the money

However, the manufacturers put all of their efforts into creating better battery powered tools, and they try to create a product that has a chance of competing with stronger gas-powered machines.

We can see their efforts in the display while using this product. It is a tool capable of reaching its optimum functionality. We have a chainsaw strong enough to compete with the most powerful tools, while also providing the advantages that only a cordless tool can offer.

The chainsaw’s most important features are visible from the moment it starts. It uses an 80 volts battery with lithium-ion qualities, and it is good enough to charge within thirty minutes. Because of its quality, the battery can hold its charge for longer sessions.

That same battery is the power source for the chainsaw’s brushless motor. It allows the motor to function at its best capacity, and to have reliable performance. If you have used gas engines before, you will not find much difference between a gas engine tool and this one.

Once you are using it, the chainsaw can provide up to 150 cuts, all thanks to its powerful chain and engine. It uses steel spikes that can cut through many elements, and the user will not have problems performing different activities, both in the house’s backyard or on the outside.

In general, this is a machine that excels at what it does. It works perfectly fine in many scenarios. You are going to get a chainsaw with consistent power, and it delivers a comfortable experience.

Highlighted Features

  • Bar and chain length : 18″.
  • Metal wrapped handle for more comfortable use.
  • 80 volts lithium-ion battery.
  • Brushless motor for higher efficiency.
  • Safety switch to prevent accident a chainsaw caused.



Battery powered chainsaws aim to provide the most pleasant experience for the user. Using the chainsaw on highly resistant elements, like wood, can generate strong vibrations and kickbacks. These two circumstances might lead to a very disappointing work session, and accidents could happen as well.

cheap battery chainsaw

The Oregon cordless chainsaw is a product with many benefits for the user’s comfort. It offers the possibility to make cuts with a consistent power that does not decrease even after you use it repeatedly.

It includes a PowerNow battery with a 40-voltage capacity and lithium-ion features. Because of its powerful battery, the user will have an optimum tool capable of working for long hours even after the battery’s charge reduces. The chainsaw operates at a high level for about an hour.

After the battery drains its full capacity, you can use the included battery charger to reload its power and go back to work quickly.

Chainsaws might have a complicated appearance, but they should always have user-friendly features. This product does not let down in that area.

It only takes pulling the trigger, and it will start instantly. Like any other battery chainsaw, this model offers the many advantages of not having a cord to keep you restrained in certain areas. This is a product that can execute the same tasks that a gas-powered chainsaw can do.

The product also includes a system to sharpen the chain, which allows us to have a full working chain without functionality issues. If the chain reduces its performance, it only requires an adjustment through the PowerSharp feature to get it back to work properly.

Naturally, this product takes the user’s safety into consideration. Not only does it provide a chain brake integrated into its system, but its pieces like the chain and the bar have low kickbacks as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Bar and chain length : 14″.
  • Can cut up to 125 cuts per charge.
  • The PowerNow battery ensures the tool’s functionality.
  • Patent-pending control board for protecting overload and heat.
  • It starts immediately once you pull the trigger.
  • Sharpening system for easier adjustments.


Zombi ZCS5817 Lithium Cordless Electric Chainsaw

With a name like that, you expect this machine to deliver satisfactory results. Well, let me tell you something: it does deliver.

Best Battery Powered Chainsaw

One of the main concerns with battery powered chainsaws is whether or not it will cut through that piece of wood or tree that has been annoying you for the past month. Using the Zombi battery chainsaw allows you to work through most wood.

Undoubtedly, this is a powerful wood cutting machine. It has a brushless motor and many features that provide smooth cuts to complete your task. You are capable of finishing your work quickly and with no issues. The chainsaw’s motor offers enough power for better performance and durability.

A few of those important features found in this chainsaw are the bar and the chain. The chain is a toothed chain, and it uses a 16 inches Oregon bar. These two features have a great synergy, and they create a product capable of cutting through logs or limbs with complete ease.

Of course, the battery is an important source of power with 58V and lithium characteristics. The battery and the brushless motor work together efficiently to create a product that can last for many years, and they maintain the chainsaw’s functionality.

The maintenance of this product is a very quick procedure as well. It allows the users to clean the product’s pieces quickly to have the tool back up and running. This easy maintenance process and the battery’s recharging time provides us with more working hours and less downtime.

This is a product that will not leave you hanging when you want to do some wood cutting work. It offers a constant performance similar to the most powerful chainsaws in the market, and it even surpasses plenty of models currently available.

Highlighted Features

  • Textured ergo-mesh grip for comfortable use.
  • The brushless motor produces smooth cutting.
  • Chain brake system for preventing kickbacks with push release button.
  • Quick and easy maintenance.


Earthwise Cordless Brushless Motor Chainsaw

Nothing is more satisfying than buying tools from a manufacturer that knows very well what you need. Earthwise is a brand fully aware of what their products should deliver.

Best Cordless Electric Chainsaws

The chainsaw we are reviewing in our final spot is a highly capable Earthwise battery powered chainsaw.

For instance, it provides a welcomed trigger capable of controlling the machine’s speed. Users with prior experience could probably handle the chainsaw’s working speed without much effort, but less experienced users will truly appreciate a comfortable trigger to change the speed depending on what task the user is doing.

To keep its pieces well lubricated and performing at its best capacity, the chainsaw has an oiling system with great technology to operate on an automatic level. Faulty pieces definitely are not something the user should worry about while using this product.

This model also integrates 58V lithium-ion battery to power up its brushless motor. The chainsaw takes full advantage of its source of power and engine to deliver a satisfactory performance.

Because of its strong battery, the chainsaw can continue working for over many years without losing any quality from its performance.

While it is true that it weighs more than other products in the market, users will still carry it during their activities with no problem.

Highlighted Features

  • Bar and chain length : 14″.
  • A trigger capable of controlling the speed.
  • Automatic oiling system.
  • Lithium-ion battery.
  • Hand guard lets you to use the chainsaw at most of your satisfaction level.


What to Look for While Choosing the Best Battery Powered Chainsaw?

Looking for the best cordless electric chainsaw can be a complicated task if you don’t know what you are looking for. Nonetheless, there are a few things you should look for in a battery powered chainsaw.

The Battery’s Capacity

Obviously, the machine’s source of power is the most important element. As mentioned above, there are different types of batteries. Each one has different and unique features, like how much time they can power up the chainsaw.

The most popular is the lithium-ion type of battery. These batteries provide many advantages to get the best result out of a battery powered chainsaw. With lithium-ion batteries, you will have your machine working properly, and they can recharge quicker than others.

The Chainsaw’s Specialty

Another element to consider before buying any chainsaw is what it can and can’t do. Every model offers advantages in certain jobs, and buying the wrong item will make your job more complicated than it is.

These tools are great to accomplish tasks that do not require high amounts of power, like trimming and taking care of small trees. If what you are looking for is a tool for heavy-duty work, then you should probably consider other types of chainsaws, like the gas-powered machines.


The sole purpose of battery powered chainsaws is to allow the user to move freely around the area without any technical issue getting in the way. For that reason, these tools must have lightweight qualities, from 12 to 15 pounds, allowing every user to carry them easily while they do their job.

The Handle

Brands usually have their characteristic designs, and this finds them in elements like the chainsaw’s handle. Having a top handle machine provides the user with greater control. It is perfect to use on trees and taking care of the branches.

Chainsaws with a rear handle, however, provide more versatility, and they are perfect for ground-level work.


Last of all you should consider the price of the chainsaw. Sometimes you may have a cheap battery chainsaw and the performance is good or you may go for a high price but low-performance chainsaw. Better go for a chainsaw that can be your best budget option with high performance to be done your woodworking comfortable and effective.

Safety Tips

Chainsaws are extremely dangerous tools that you should handle carefully. Even the most experienced users should always wear their security equipment and not underestimate the chainsaw’s power.

Here are a few safety tips you should always keep in mind when you use one of these tools.

Wear Adequate Equipment

Yes, we understand that you have done these multiple times and you think that there is no way an accident can happen, but it might, especially when you least expect it. It is always better to have ripped equipment rather than a deep cut in your arm or another part of your body.

Keep your security first. A few of the items necessary would be leg protectors, a helmet, heavy-duty gloves, and protection to cover your eyes from any form of debris flying around.

Stick to The Manual

Every chainsaw, of any kind, has a manual included in the packaging. Reading the instructions will inform the user of the kind of performance the machine has. It also provides information about the chainsaw’s limitations, safety advice and the maintenance process it must go through.

Proper Maintenance Is A Must

The best way to reduce the risk of an accident is to maintain chainsaw properly. Using a chainsaw that has not had adequate maintenance will trigger a malfunction eventually.

The best that could happen would be that the chainsaw simply stops working. The worst-case scenario, however, might lead you to an emergency room.

Keep Your Distance

The user should also keep the chainsaw at a considerable distance away from the body while using it. Having a steady grip of the machine and a proper body position will give you better efficiency in handling the machine and prevent risky kickbacks.

While these tools are dangerous, there’s nothing to worry about if you take the right safety measures to use them. Even the cheapest battery chainsaw manufacturer makes sure to provide an item with high powering functionality but also many security features.


Gas powered chainsaws have been at the top like the most effective tools when it comes to doing the heavy wood cutting. Nonetheless, the best battery powered chainsaw available in the market can match the performance of gas-powered tools. For that reason, they are a worthy product with quality performance and portability features.

If you want more performance then you can check for most uses professional chainsaws available on the market.

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