Best Electric Pole Saw Reviews & Buying Guide

Pole saws are incredible equipment to carry along when executing some common pruning tasks around your home or garden. Furthermore, who doesn’t like a well-manicured and artistically developed garden done by the best electric pole saws in the market? The only problem lies in the efforts and time associated with maintenance of the garden which can be overwhelming, especially keeping the trees and bushes in good shape.

The thought of pruning to ensure the garden has no unwanted branches and untidy twigs is a nightmare. Thankfully, we have a variety of pole saws to help out. These tools come in handy to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you have found your way to this site, then you want two things. First, you know what model you need, but you want more information about the best rated electric pole saw. The second is you want to learn about the different types available in the market and how they can be of benefit to you.

To tackle these issues we have rounded up some of the best electric pole saws including a buying guide to help you choose the best that fits your trimming style. But before that, let’s look at the basics.

Best Electric Pole Saws Comparison Table

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Top 10 Best Electric Pole Saws Review in 2021

Remington RM1025SPS Ranger 10-Inch Electric Pole Saw

Remington electric pole saw pruner If you need to go the extra mile in your pruning or trimming, Remington RM1025SPS Ranger got you covered. This electric pole saw features a 2 in 1 detachable aluminum pole saw that can reach 10 to 15 feet high branches with great expertise. With an impressive 8 amp electric motor and a 10-inch long bar, this chainsaw helps you power through branches with ease making pruning easy. Once you’re through with taking down all the branches of the tree, the easy flip and efficient lock clamps allow you to disconnect the tool and start cutting the downed limbs. The tool also features a swift conversion mechanism and can be easily changed from an electric pole saw to a chainsaw. This is definitely one of the best electric pole saw pruner in the market.

When storing the tool, kindly consider the fact that it’s normal for the bar and chain oil to seep when not in use.

Product Specification

  • Weighs 12.4 pounds
  • Bar length of 10 inches
  • Electric displacement at 8 Amp

Main Features

  • 2-in-1 detachable pole saw for longer distance trimming
  • Ability to cut branches up to 10 to 15 ft. above.
  • Sturdy 8-amp motor to run the pole saw
  • Easy flip and lock clamps for a comfortable grip when in use.
  • Easy to understand manual to solve your user’s problems.
  • Easy to start and use with sharp teeth for easier pruning and trimming.
Best Selling
Remington RM1025SPS is the most selling electric pole saw among all other reviewed chainsaws available on the market. It can be detached from the pole and can be used as a chainsaw that helps to cut down tree limbs. More than two thousand people have said about it! Price is much more reasonable comparing to its performance.

Question: What are the exact product dimensions of this pole saw?

Answer: The dimensions are 39.8 x 8.4 x 9.2 inches

Question: Does this saw come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes it comes with a two-year limited warranty

Question: How much does this saw weigh?

Answer: 12.4 pounds

Remington RM1025P Ranger 10-Inch Electric Pole Saw

Remington 1025P electric pole sawThis magnificent model by Remington is a two in one Chain Saw with an impressive design element that surpasses what most of the pole saws in this category have to offer. Since this is one of the best corded electric pole saw, you can have an unlimited number of cuts as long as there is electric power. The Remington RM 1025P comes with a fast detachable option at 10-feet for quick change between the pole saw and a chainsaw once you’ve brought down the high branches.

The cord also gives an allowance of 1 foot in length, so you’re not restricted in case you need to roam around the garden when pruning or trimming. With this pole saw it’s easier to cut branches within a diameter of 8 inches. It acts as a pole chainsaw and a pruner, so it’s easier to take on any gardening task that you want. The cool flip and sturdy lock easily clamp down for an extended reach. The firm grip allows for efficient cutting of the tough branches.

Product Specification

  • Motor 8 Amps
  • An extended length of 10 to 15 feet overhead
  • 10 inches bar length
  • 2-year warranty
  • Weighs 12.4 pounds

Main Features

  • Powerful 8 Amp Electric motor
  • An adjustable telescoping pole
  • 10 Inch low kickback bar and chain
  • Instant electric start for quick startup
  • Easy flip and lock clamps
  • Nonslip grip for comfortable use
Comparable with RM1025SPS
Remington RM1025P is comparable with RM1025SPS. This model features as same as the RM1025SPS but the price is comparatively high. This pole saw can transform into a chainsaw for cutting the down tree limbs. So you can choose any of these two models and you will get the same performance.

Question: How much does the pole saw weigh?

Answer: 12.4 pounds

Question: What are the exact product dimensions of this pole saw?

Answer: The dimensions are 9.5 x 9 x 66.8 inches

Sun Joe SWJ800E 8-Inch Electric Corded Pole Saw

Most rated electric pole sawTackle the hard-to-reach branches with the incredible Sun Joe SWJ800E Electric pole saw. With 6.5 Amp Motor Power, this model can handle branches with up to 7.5 inches thickness. It will also slice through the wood quickly, so you don’t have to stand below a tree for long before waiting for the branches to fall down. The Sun Joe SWJ800E is capable of expanding to nearly 8 feet allowing you to reach branches 15 feet overhead. The 8-inch Oregon bar and chain are self-lubricating to make maintenance of the tool easier. It also comes fitted with a built-in safety switch to prevent any accident from happening.

Product Specification

  • Weighs around 7lbs
  • 6.5-Amps power
  • 2.7 Ounce oil tank capacity

Main Features

  • Great for cutting hanging limbs
  • The powerful 6.5-amp motor that cuts branches up to 7.5-inches thick
  • The telescoping pole that extends up to 8.7 feet
  • 8-inch Oregon bar and chain with self-lubrication
  • A 2-year warranty
Best Budget
Sun Joe SWJ800E is a best budget model of electric pole chainsaw. It is easier to use for cutting hard to reach branches. Cut tree limbs up to 7.5 inches thick. The automatic oiling system ensures the rotation of the chain continuously. It can be power up with just a push of a button. The price is comparatively lower! This model can be your best budget option where you are not considering the performance. More than 1.5 thousand people are saying about this model.

Question: What power does this saw produce?

Answer: 6.5-amp

Question: What type of warranty comes with this saw?

Answer: Full two-year warranty

Sun Joe SWJ802E 9 FT Electric Pole Saw

Sun Joe corded pole sawSun Joe SWJ802E Electric Pole Saw is portable with 6.5 Amp power to run the pole saw. It also features an adjustable head that provides an excellent cutting edge at 0 to 30 degrees angles. This makes it easy to access the hard to reach areas. With an extended pole length of 9.4 feet, this machine allows you to reach distance branches quite easily.

Coming from a reputable brand, the SWJ802E has some impressive features that are easy to use making one of the best electric pole saw to have. It can handle the toughest tree limbs of up to 7.5-inches thick. This model also features an 8-inch Oregon bar and chain with a self-lubricating feature to keep the bar and chain oily when in use. Unlike the gas-powered tools, the Sun Joe SWJ802E is one of the best cheap electric pole saw is powered by electricity so you don’t have to deal with the dangerous fumes, smokes, or costly tune-ups. In addition, the SWJ802E comes with a safety switch to prevent frequent accidental start-ups.

Product Specification

  • 6.5 amps power
  • 7.5 maximum cut diameter
  • 0 to 30 degrees multi-angle head
  • Maximum pole length of 9.4 feet
  • Overhead reach at 15 feet

Main Features

  • 8-inch Oregon bar and chain
  • Adjustable telescoping handle
  • An adjustable head
  • Can easily cut 7.5 inches thick limbs
  • Built-in safety switches to prevent the machine from starting accidentally.
Ordinary Performance
You can choose this Sun Joe SWJ802E as it will give you general performance. But one unique feature is you can set up its head at 0, 15 and 30-degree angels that ensure you to cut the angled branches of a tree. This model is lightweight to work with it that helps you to stand safely on the solid ground. Undoubtedly you can go for this option if you want the most common features with your chainsaw box. Price is not as much as you are thinking!

Question: What is the product dimension of the SWJ802E Pole saw?

Answer: The dimensions are 112.7 x 5.5 x 3.6 inches

Question: What power does this saw produce?

Answer: 6.5-amp

Earthwise PS40008 8-Inch Corded Electric Pole Saw

Earthwise corded electric pole sawThe Earthwise PS40008 uses a 6-amp motor with an incredible 8-inch bar length. It is a corded electric pole saw with a low price tag. The power emitted by this tool is enough to cut branches up to 6-inch in diameter. Plus, it has a longer reach compared to other electric saws with a total weight of 12 pounds. In case you need to do a lot of cutting, make sure you take frequent breaks to allow the tool to cool down. All in all, this electrically powered pole saw is easy to use and one of the best electric pole saw. The easy to adjust chain tensioning system allows for quick tightening when in use. The automatic oiler on this model ensures the bar and chain are lubricated when needed to ensure maximum durability and effective use. The 3-piece aluminum shaft is capable of extending up to 8 feet.

The maintenance of the PS40008 is all about keeping the oil reservoir filled and the chain free from damage. The pole saw is telescopic which allows you to adjust the length as you wish by simply twisting the lock. This comes in handy for pole saws that come with a removable center section.

Product Specification

  • 120V/60Hz
  • 6-Amps motor power
  • 8 inches bar length
  • Tool-less chain tensioning
  • Telescoping handle

Main Features

  • Easier trimming of branches with the 8-Inch bar and chain
  • 2 feet telescopic extended pole
  • An adjustable head
  • Automatic oiling to lubricate the bar and chain
  • Telescopic and adjustable handle

Question: How much does the pole saw weigh?

Answer: 10.95 pounds

Question: What are the dimensions of this pole saw?

Answer: 66 x 9 x 4 inches

BLACK+DECKER Corded Pole Saw

Black decker pole saw The Black + Decker corded pole saw comes with a 6.5 Amp motor for the most demanding cuts, plus a 10-inch Oregon bar and chain to allow for direct pruning and improved cutting strength for longer branches. The extensive pole can extend for up to 9.5 feet giving you great control when in use. It also features a durable, lightweight design that helps reduce the stress of carrying the tool around when cutting down branches.

This tool also features an automatic oiling system for constant lubrication of the bar and chain for effective performance. The system also comes with a clear oil window to enable the user to see the amount of oil in the reservoir. At only 7.9 lbs. the weight allows you to access hanging branches with ease and for efficient maneuverability. This is definitely another best corded pole saw in the market

Product Specification

  • 6.5-Amp
  • 9.5 feet length
  • 10-Inch bar length
  • Corded electric pole
  • Automatic oiling
  • 2-year limited warranty

Main Features

  • 6.5 Amp motor to get rid of demanding cuts
  • 10-Inch bar and chain for effective cutting performance
  • Inline motor
  • Strong 9.5 feet extended tough branches
  • Automatic oiling system for constant lubrication
Average Performance
This model from Black+Deker has no unique features. It includes all general features of a pole chainsaw like motor, extended pole, clear oil window, etc. This model can be compared with all the general models like the one from the Sun Joe. You can choose any of them for general uses but this model will charge you a little more than other models.

Question: What are the exact product dimensions of this saw?

Answer: The dimensions are 68.3 x 3.8 x 6.4 inches

Question: How much does power this saw produce?

Answer: 6.5 Amp

Question: How much does this saw weigh?

Answer: 8 pounds

Greenworks 8-Inch Electric Pole Saw

Greenworks 8-Inch Corded Electric Pole SawFor farmers and gardeners, you can take trimming and pruning to the next with the Greenworks 6.5 Amp corded pole saw. This model features a 6.5 amp electric motor that starts within seconds to deliver excellent cutting performance. This lightweight and versatile saw is a perfect choice for any trimming job. The firm 8-Inch bar and chain allow for smooth trimming of stubborn branches. The inline design allows for easy movement and visibility when cutting branches and can extend up to 13 to 15 feet for longer reach.

It also comes with a hassle-free automatic oiler to ensure the bar and chain are lubricated for durability and extend the life of the chain. Most gardeners will live the over-mold handle that allows easier operating with an easy to adjust chain tensioning system.

Product Specification

  • 6.5-Amps motor
  • 8 inches bar length
  • Weighs 10.89lbs
Lower Price!
This is a great invention of Greenworks. This pole saw has all the general features along with some unique features. This model has a tool-less chain tensioning system for the quick tightening of the chain that will save your time and money. Most of the pole saw manufacturers are giving two years warranty for their product where Greenworks is offering 4 years limited warranty to this model. And the happiest thing is the price of this model is much lower than any other pole saws in the market! So you can save money without considering the performance!

Main Features

  • Easier trimming of branches with the 8-Inch bar and chain
  • Lightweight pole saw
  • Automatic oiler to lubricate the bar and chain
  • Tension system that is easier to adjust
  • The aluminum shaft that extends to 8 feet
  • 4 Years limited warranty

Question: How much does the saw weigh?

Answer: 10.47 pounds

Question: What are the exact product dimensions of this saw?

Answer: The dimensions are 40.5 x 11.4 x 5.1 inches

WORX WG308 6-Inch 5-Amp Electric JawSaw with Extension Handle

Worx electric JawsawThe WORX 6-Inch JawSaw is an electric trimming and limbing chainsaw that is perfect for tough pruning jobs. Weighing in at 11 pounds and a 6-inch bar with a maximum cutting length of 4-inch, this pole saw takes the hassle out of using a normal chainsaw, while making heavy-duty pruning and cutting extra-tall branches, easy and quick. The JawSaw houses two tools in one; the jaw saw and an extension pole. With an included extended pole, this Jawsaw can reach up to 14 feet, making it an ideal choice for pruning and cutting the difficult-to-reach limbs. The interesting part is that the extension pole does not require any tools to attach and it is easier to remove when needed.

The 5 amp JawSaw is powered by electricity, so you don’t have to worry about noxious emissions while working. Similarly, the electric Jawsaw doesn’t require frequent oiling as it comes with an automatic oiler that offers constant lubrication to the bar and chain. With an easy-to-use auto-tension system, it enables you to cut the limbs with little effort.

Product Specification

  • 5 amps motor power
  • 6-inch bar length
  • Automatic bar oiler
  • Tool-less chain tension system
  • Compatible two-in-one tools jawsaw
Jawsaw with Extension Pole
This WORX WG308 is a combination of WG307 and WG0163 consist of a Jawsaw and an extension pole. This model is good enough for its performance but it has a lower powerful motor than the other general models of a pole saw. It can cut 4-inchs maximum in diameter. You can go for this model as the price is reasonable enough to buy.

Main Features

  • Powerful 5 amp electric-powered motor
  • Constant automatic oil lubrication to bar and chain
  • Versatile to cut limbs up to 4-inches diameter
  • Extension pole to use the model as a pole saw
  • No oil, no emissions, and gas to mix
  • Automatic chain tensioning system

Question: What are the exact product dimensions of this pole saw?

Answer: The dimensions are 61 x 10.6 x 9.6 inches

Question: Does this saw come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes it comes with a three-year limited warranty

Question: How much does this saw weigh?

Answer: 11 pounds


Black Decker Cordless pole sawAnother great option that comes to the mind when we mention pole saws is the LPP120 from Black+Decker. This one spins at 375 RPM at 8-inches long. This state-of-the-art is the cheaper electric pole saw that is durable and lightweight. It’s a cordless model that is powered by a lithium-ion battery that gives up to 100 pine cuts per charge. With such power, you are likely to be done with your gardening tasks before the next recharge.

The interesting feature of this tool is the inline power-head that makes it easy for movement with improved visibility between branches. It’s an additional benefit especially when you need to trim most trees. The pole also comes with a center extension with several lengths to choose from probably between 6.5 feet and 10 feet. It only takes a couple of seconds to adjust the length and you’re set to begin trimming or pruning.

Product Specification

  • 8 inches blade length
  • 6-inch brand size
  • Up to 14 feet range
  • 375 rpm
  • Weighs 6.3 lbs

Main Features

  • Releases zero-emission in the garden
  • 20V Lithium-Ion battery for a long lifespan
  • 8-inch cutting bar and chain
  • Inline power-head for efficient visibility and maneuverability
  • Lightweight design
  • Center extension for a couple of lengths
Best Cordless
When you are finding for a cordless (battery-powered) saw with extreme performance, you can go for this model from Black+Decker. This model is operated by a powerful 20V lithium-ion battery that will enable you to cut up to 100 cuts per charge. You can disassemble all the parts for easy storage and transport. But this model will cost you more than a corded one. Though this model is expensive, it can be your best budget option while you need a cordless saw with its ultimate performance. More than 1.5 thousand people are saying about it!

Question: What is the product dimension of this model?

Answer: The dimensions are 8.2 x 8.1 x 44.5 inches.

Question: What kind of batteries does this saw use?

Answer: It is powered by an LBXR20 battery

Greenworks 8-Inch Cordless Electric Pole Saw

Greenworks cordless electric pole sawGreenworks have yet another great electric pole saw that is environment-friendly. The 20672 is one of the best cordless electric pole saw that comes with a G-Max 40V battery to power up the saw. This model features an 8-Inch bar and chain for easy trimming of branches. With an easy to adjust tensioning system and an automatic oiling system, this model will deliver excellent service all of which demonstrate the great proficiency of the company to produce a tool that is perfect.

The three pieces aluminum shaft that extend to about 8 feet allows the user to reach the stubborn branches. This model also contains an automatic oiling system for easier oil application to the chainsaw blade. This pole saw weighs around 10 pounds. The battery life is impressive compared to other products on the market. The bar and chain need frequent tightening as it tends to come off when cutting branches. It’s also a little bit too pricey than other models.

Product Specification

  • 8-Inch bar length
  • Automatic bar and chain oiler
  • Easy-adjust chain tensioning
  • 40V Lithium-Ion Battery
  • 4-year warranty
  • Safety switch

Main Features

  • Easier trimming of branches with the 8-Inch bar and chain
  • Automatic oiler to lubricate the bar and chain
  • Tension system that is easier to adjust
  • 40V Li-Ion Batteries to power the tool
  • The aluminum shaft that extends to 8 feet
  • Battery compatible with several other tools
More Power & Runtime
This cordless model features same as the corded one from Greenworks but is cordless, operated by a battery. This model includes a 40V lithium-ion battery for more power and run time. Comparing to the Black+Decker cordless model it has a more powerful battery but the price is almost the same. So if your work requires more power and a tool-less chain tensioning system then you can go for this model. More than One hundred people said about this model!

Question: What are the exact product dimensions of this pole saw?

Answer: The dimensions are 107 x 7 x 7.5 inches

Question: How much does this saw weigh?

Answer: 8.36 pounds

Editor's Choice
Our editor panel has concluded the best choice for you. Remington RM1025SPS can be the best choice for your yard maintenance. The 8-inch bar will help you to trim the unwanted branches quickly and then you can cut the down tree branches with this model by detaching the pole from the saw. Low kickback will keep you safe while working and also you don’t need to spend much money on buying a pole saw with the best performance.

What to Look For Before Buying the Best Electric Pole Saw?

Just like any other tool, you need to find the electric pole saw with specific features that will give you value for money. Since there is a high demand for the tool, most manufacturers have directed their effort into producing electric pole saw and choosing the best can be a daunting task. So, here are some key factors to consider before making that purchase.

What does your work require?

The first thing to consider when choosing a pole saw is the type and amount of work you want to be done. If you need a lot of power to trim branches in a wide area, you will need a powerful electric saw for perfect results. If you’re covering a small area, you may not need a lot of power, so there is a pole saw for each job.

Maximum reach capability

The maximum reach of a saw is an important aspect when it comes to trimming and pruning. Most of the electric pole saws range between 10 to 15 feet overhead which is the standard height for an average person. Look at what you need depending on your height for easier reach.

Power and Cutting capacity

It’s a good thing to have a variety of pole saws to choose from, there are some important power differences that are critical for pole saws. So, consider the different power options of these saws and choose one that suits what you need.

Similarly, consider the sizes of branches you want to cut down. Most electric saws are designed to handle soft or hard branches of up to 4 or 5 inches across. With this range, you can be sure to get a lot done within a short time.

Overall weight

Finding a lightweight pole saw may be a good strategy but it is important to determine the nature of the task and amount of power you need for cutting. On the other hand, a bulky electric pole saw may be uncomfortable to use over a long time. So, go for a saw that offers enough power for a couple of jobs around your home and is easier to carry around.

Warranty from the manufactures

Most top brands have a full or limited warranty on most of their products. This is a key aspect when buying a pole saw to cover for damages or functionality problems that may occur in the product within the warranty period. Ensure you take a look at what the brand has to offer.

General features

Electric pole saws come with a variety of features. Ensure consider critical features such as lightweight, reach, comfortable handle, self-lubricating, enough power, easy to store, and good coverage. The best pole saw is one that covers all the tasks you need with all the right features.

Your budget

Price is a crucial aspect of any product you want to buy. You need to know whether you can afford the machine or not. Consider your budget and needs accordingly and go for a machine that fits your financial plan.

Think about your Safety

Pruning and trimming trees makes them healthier and allows them to maintain a desirable shape. A pole saw make the process easier. But, there are some things to consider to stay safe while at work.

Use Comfortable clothing

The first thing to consider is to ensure you have a comfortable outfit or safety apparel in order. Avoid wearing loose clothes and jewelry to avoid the possibility of being tangled up in the saw or the brush you are cutting.

Wear a Helmet

The next step is to gear up and wear a hard hat on your head. This is to prevent your head from any branches that may fall down in the process. It’s also important to come with some snug-fitting clothes before you start cutting.

Wear hand Gloves

Since you will be dealing with clearing the area for your cutting and other tasks, you will need a pair of safety gloves to help you get a strong grip on the handle for extra protection. It’s also a good idea to wear some boots with a good grip.

Use eye protection

Once you begin cutting, sawdust will be flying all over and it’s hard to keep it out of your eyes. Get a pair of goggles or glasses to cover your eyes until you’re through with cutting or trimming.

Don’t allow any person in the work area

First, study the areas you will be trimming to ensure there are no obstructions around. Things like power lines are a huge concern when cutting trees. Also, ensure there is no one around the area. If you have a crew, make sure they steer clear of your working area.

Check the Cables

Before starting your pole saw, inspect it thoroughly. This includes missing teeth, broke the chain, missing cables, and so on. Chains should be oiled properly to prevent them from breaking during use. Also, ensure all the necessary equipment are present before you begin working.

Be aware of Saw’s kickback

Once you power up the saw, be aware of the saw kickback. Don’t force it, just let the chain do the cutting. Also, maintain a safe distance with your see just to avoid getting hurt in case of a kickback. If your arms get tired, take a break immediately and resume later.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a pole saw?

The modest way to define an electric pole saw is simply a portable and mechanical device with a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain used to cut bushes, trees, and other garden materials. You can use it in a number of activities including pruning, cutting, lambing, filling, bucking, and more. The tool has a trigger on the handle just at the base of the pole. Once you squeeze it, the chainsaw fires up, ready to take on those hard trimming tasks.

Types of pole saw

You can find four major types of pole saw in the market. They are different in their nature, design, use, etc. If you need a pole saw for your pruning task then you must need to know the types of pole saw available in the market so that you can fulfill your work requirement. You must need to know their general use. So, let’s take a closer look at the types of the pole saw.

Manual pole saw

Even before the invention of electric powered pole saws, farmers and gardeners attached a sawing instrument on one end of a pole to trim high tree branches. Modern tree pruners have seen some major adjustments, but the concept remains the same old-fashioned manual effort to get the work done.

Manual pole saws are lightweight and most portable compared to other types. They feature long poles to reach high branches with ease. They are also cheap since they require no power to start. The only shortcoming is that you have to do it manually which can be extremely slow and tiring.

Gas powered pole saw

Gasoline powered pole saws are generally the heavier types that are not commonly used in a commercial environment. But, it’s they are the most powerful of all the pole saw types and are commonly used by landscapers and gardeners for heavy-duty cutting tasks.

Although they are bulky, they can run for hours and cut through thick branches making them one of the most sort types for professionals. They are more expensive than the average electric pole saws but you can get to work on large tasks with ease.

Corded pole saw

The corded electric pole saw is the most popular tool found in most gardens. It’s lightweight, easy to use, maintenance-free, and extremely effective. If you have a small area that needs occasional pruning or trimming, then you need the best corded pole saw on the market. The corded pole saws are quieter than their gas-powered counterparts. You also need to plug into an electric outlet. But you can opt for a cordless power saw if you loathe plugging in every now and then.

Cordless pole saw

This is quite self-explanatory since they are the most rated electric pole saw that operates without a cord. They have a similar design with the electric types but differ in performance. They rely on battery power specifically lithium-ion battery packs. They are most preferred thanks to the cheap price, convenience, and easy to move around.

When you need which type of pole saw?

There is quite a lot that goes into pole saws that most people don’t understand, so it can be difficult to make the right choice especially if you don’t know the use of each one of them. Here we look at why and when you need each type of pole saw

Electric Saw

This is a great choice if you want a tool that has a clean and emission-free power source. With these types, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of volatile gas and the frequent oil refills on some models. All you need to do is to plug the saw into a power source and start pruning or trimming your garden. They are low maintenance and are lightweight


These are useful when you are dealing with large properties and they are a great choice for camping. They feature a strong battery and a powerful motor which makes it easy to cut through tough tree limbs and thick bushes. A great choice would be one that runs on a lithium-ion battery.


If you need a portable selection that is easier to carry along in your car or anywhere, then a gas-powered saw is your best tool. You will need it to work through tight spots especially pruning dense tree branches without worrying about the cord. Just ensure you keep the gas level in check.

How Does an electric pole saw work?

Electric pole saw is a type of pole saw that is operated by electric power. The use of a manual pole saw is easy and you know it definitely. But when electric saw comes, it is quite different to operate.

Electric pole saw, also called corded pole saw is powered by a built-in electric motor. When the saw plugged into an electric outlet, electricity makes rotate the saw chain around the bar thus cut through the tree shrubs. You need to control the speed of the motor as the faster the speed the fast the cutting process. Electric pole saws are emission and noise-free tool. All kinds of pole saws have an extension pole that allows you to trim the hard reach tree branches over your head while you need not use any ladder.

Every so often, battery operated chainsaws are also called electric saw. The battery saw is operated by a lithium-ion rechargeable battery to power up the saw motor. Battery powered pole saws don’t have any cord option to plug in and thus it is portable to use and carry when there is no electric power outlet in your working area.

Purpose of Pole Saw: Pole Saw Uses

Let’s delve into the very common purpose of using pole saws where it is electric powered or manual or gas powered saws.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

The most common use of a pole saw is tree trimming and pruning. It is important to note that trimming and pruning is a different process. Tree trimming is the process of cutting unwanted tree branches that have already died or are blocking the way of something like power cables or accidentally may fall to the ground etc. There many different reasons to trim these limbs like to ensure the sunlight, to remove fallen trees, to cut split branches or to make firewood in the winter, etc. Whatever the reason is, in this trimming process you need to cut limbs over your head unless the tree is short or the limbs are very close to the ground. Here the pole saw comes to help you with this cutting process without using any ladder that makes you safe and more stable on the ground.

On the other side, tree pruning is an occasional trimming process that usually done once a year to ensure the growth of the tree for the upcoming summer months ahead. This process is tough enough than usual trimming as it needs long-term planned work and requires in-depth knowledge about the tree to make sure it remains healthy throughout the whole year. Pole saws are also used in this tree pruning process to cut the tree limbs to shape it, to cut the diseased limbs to ensure the growth of others, etc.

The need of using a pole saw comes most commonly when you are unable to reach for cutting any unwanted tree limbs while standing flat footed on the ground and you don’t want to risk yourself by climbing on a step stool or ladder.

Brush Cleaning

Instead of using manual saws, pole saws can be used in the brush cleaning process that saves your time and effort. This is a very simple process and people comfort to use manual cutting saws usually. But pole saws can be the best option for getting rid of these brushes or debris growing the wayward or somewhere.

Does Dewalt make a cordless pole saw?

Yes! Dewalt makes cordless pole saws. They have launched 2 different models of cordless pole saw but there is only one model that is now available on the market. Check here the DEWALT DCPS620M1 Pole Saw.The common features of this model are:

  • 20V brushless motor
  • 8-inch bar and chain
  • Extendable pole reaches up to 15-foot overhead
  • Tree hook for sturdy cutting grip
  • Around 96 cuts per charge
  • Low kickback pole chainsaw

Does Stihl make a battery powered pole saw?

Like some other brands, Stihl also makes battery pole saw with no emission and extendable pole attachment. There are two models available Stihl HTA 65 and HTA 85. Stihl pole saws are faster to start and powerful to cut any tree branches up to 15-foot high overhead. These models have a soft grip handle with an anti-vibration system that includes a multi-function handle to ensure more comfortable use. Stihl offers the long-lasting battery with these models to ensure no sudden discontinuity to your work.

How far does a Stihl pole saw extend?

Most of the pole saws can reach up to 15-inch high depends on your height. Like other models, Stihl pole saws have both telescoping and fixed-length options. Stihl HTA 85 has an extendable pole up to 8-2-foot to 12-1-foot and HTA 65 up to 7-5-foot extendable pole.

The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that electric pole saw is an excellent tool to keep your yard clean and well-manicured. Thanks to advanced technology, we have a variety of incredible electric pole saws including the best cordless electric pole saw to make the gardening task easy. This means you don’t have to spend long hours struggling to cut or trim high branches and limbs. These tools help you get the work done with great expertise. So, it’s time to try out the new breed of efficient electric pole saw for your garden needs. Gardening has just become easy with the most efficient pole saws in the market.

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