Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews and Buying Guide

One of the power tools you will commonly come across in a hobbyist workshop as well as that of a professional is a table saw.

The hybrid table saws happen to be one of the most sought-after models even though they are still relatively new in the market. If you are looking for the best hybrid table saw for your next big project, then you have come to the right place.

If you are in a hurry then check this table below for a quick comparison.

Best Hybrid Table Saw Comparison Table

ProductPowerRip CapacityTable SizeDetails
Shop Fox W18193 HP 220V29-1/2"27" x 40-1/4" Details
Grizzly G06903 HP 220V29-1/2"27" x 40" Details
Shop Fox W18372 HP 120V30"27" x 40-1/4" Details
Powermatic PM10001.75 HP 115V30"27" x 20" Details
Ridgid R45123.8 HP30"27" x 20" Details
SawStop CNS175-TGP361.75 HP52"27" x 20" Details

Hybrid table saws exist in various types and models which can make the decision quite overwhelming.

Worry not, we’ve researched the top rated brands in the market and come up with a list of the best hybrid saw models in the market. We have also researched top model woodworking table saws especially for the woodworker.

But before we get into all that, let’s see how a hybrid table saw is different from other types of table saw.

Why Hybrid Table Saw Is Different?

If you’re familiar with the cabinet table saws, then you will agree that they can be very expensive. In fact, they are often way beyond the reach of the small budget contractor or hobbyist woodworker.

An alternative to the cabinet saws would be the contractor saws, which happen to have lower pricing. However, the contractor saws seem to be limited in their functionality.

To bridge the gap between both worlds, the hybrid table saw was invented. The major highlight of the hybrid saws is that they are less expensive than complex saws while offering more features than contractor saws.

In fact, they are often regarded as light-duty cabinet saws, and this is simply because they have a lot of things in common with the cabinet saws.

As earlier indicated, hybrid saws are designed to offer more power and functionality than contractor saws.

Consequently, they usually come with better fences, advanced belt style, and gearing, and enhanced dust collection systems, and so on. As a result, hybrid saws are able to create finer and more precise cuts.

In other words, a hybrid is basically an advanced version of a contractor saw with new features and upgrades borrowed from a cabinet saw.

The interesting thing about the hybrid saws is that they still manage to have a comparable price with the contractor saws.

The build design of a hybrid saw is similar to that of a cabinet saw, except that they are smaller, lighter and come with a smaller motor. Unlike a contractor saw, the hybrid saw has its motor inside its body. Many of them come with cabinet, while others feature open legs.

Hybrid table saws are great for both professional and DIY woodworking projects, especially those involving furniture making and craft. In the same manner, they can be used by both contractors and serious DIY hobbyists.

5 Best Hybrid Table Saw Reviews in 2021

Below is a review of the top rated hybrid table saws models in the market at the moment. Today we have 6 best reviewed table saws with their highlighted features.

Or you can also check these articles for detailed reviews on each single product.

Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw

Best budget hybrid table saw

The first choice in our list is Shop Fox W1819. This is a great invention of Shop Fox manufacturer’s in table saw category while they consider both the price and the quality of the product.

This model comes with a cast iron table with a T-slot saw fence by which woodworking becomes more precious than before. Let’s have a quick look on what special features this model is offering to us.

For its wonderful features and price experts say this is one of the best budget hybrid table saw available on the market in 2021.

Highlighted Features
  • 3 HP 220V single-phase motor
  • 10-inches carbide tipped blade
  • Left blade tilt
  • Blade guard system
  • 29-1/2-inches maximum rip cutting capacity
  • Cutting depth at 90-Degrees: 3-1/8-inches, at 45-Degrees: 2-3/16-inches
  • 5/8-inches arbor size
  • 4300 RPM arbor speed
  • 13/16-inches maximum dado width
  • 27-inches x 40-1/4-inches extension table
  • 4-inches dust port
  • Quick release riving knife
  • Anti-kickback pawls
  • 34-inches table height from floor

Grizzly G0690 Table Saw

Best hybrid table saw for the money

Grizzly G0690 is another wonderful model that is manufactured by Grizzly. It has lots of staring features that can compete some other model in the table saw category and that’s why we have put this model in our list.

It’s fascinating design and quality has kept this model in buyers’ first choice. The price is also comparatively low. You will have what you spend. And so our experts say this can be your best hybrid table saw for the money in 2021.

Highlighted Features
  • 3 HP 220V single-phase motor
  • 10-inches carbide tipped blade
  • Left blade tilt
  • 29-1/2-inches maximum rip cutting capacity
  • Cutting depth at 90-Degrees: 3-1/8-inches, at 45-Degrees: 2-3/16-inches
  • 4300 RPM arbor speed
  • 5/8-inches arbor size
  • 13/16-inches maximum dado width
  • 27-inches x 40-inches extension table
  • 34-inches table height from floor
  • 4-inches dust port
  • Quick release riving knife

Shop Fox W1837 10″ 2 hp Open-Stand Hybrid Table Saw

Best hybrid table saw reviews

Unlike the Shop Fox W1819, Shop Fox W1837 is one of the best model manufactured by Shop Fox. The main difference between this two models is the power of the motor.

And there are also some differences among these models. If you take a closer look to these highlighted features then you can understand which model best suits for your work requirements.

Highlighted Features
  • 2 HP 120V single-phase motor
  • 10-inches carbide tipped blade
  • Left blade tilt
  • Rip cutting capacity 30-inches to right and 15-inches to left
  • Cutting depth at 90-Degrees: 3-1/4-inches, at 45-Degrees: 2-1/4-inches
  • 3450 RPM arbor speed
  • 5/8-inches arbor size
  • 27-inches x 40-1/4-inches extension table
  • Built-in foot operated mobility system
  • Easy to use table saw fence

Powermatic PM1000 1791000K Table Saw

Best budget hybrid table saw

Powermatic Pm1000 table saw also be able to meet your work requirement at the closest price to the above table saw model. And so you can also expect same features as the above models. Yes it is. But something is obviously different. Let’s have a look on the features.

Highlighted Features
  • 75 HP 115V single-phase motor
  • 10-inches carbide tipped blade
  • Left blade tilt
  • 30-inches maximum rip cutting capacity
  • Cutting depth at 90-Degrees: 3-1/8-inches, at 45-Degrees: 2-1/8-inches
  • 4200 RPM arbor speed
  • 5/8-inches arbor size
  • 27-inches x 20-inches extension table
  • 34-1/4-inches table height from floor
  • 7″ handwheels for easy bevel adjustment
  • Accu-Fence system with Poly-V belt drive system

RIDGID R4512 10 in. 13-Amp Cast Iron Table Saw

Best hybrid table saw under 1000

Ridgid R4512 is another model you can choose for your woodworking projects.

The price is quite low than others model of the table saw. You can get all your light woodworking jobs done with this model but for heavy work you should go for one of the above model.

This model is one of the best hybrid table saw under 1000 dollars in this category with lots of satisfying features.

Let’s have a look what this model offers to us.

Highlighted Features
  • 8 HP with 3450 RPM arbor speed
  • 10-inches carbide tipped blade
  • Left blade tilt
  • 30-inches maximum rip cutting capacity
  • Cutting depth at 90-Degrees: 3-1/4-inches, at 45-Degrees: 2-1/4-inches
  • 5/8-inches arbor size
  • 4-inches dust port
  • Anti-kickback pawls

Bonus Review

SawStop table saw review: Model – SawStop CNS175-TGP36

SawStop table saw review

Table saws are extremely powerful tools. Using them is very satisfying and produces quicker results, but the injury risks are always present. Even the professionals know that you should not underestimate these tools. While safety measures might seem unnecessary, it is important to consider them.

This table saw is among the best because it takes the user’s safety very seriously. Whether you are a professional working on your projects, or an amateur creating materials for your home, this table saw is a worthy instrument. It delivers power while providing a safe working environment.

Its most notable feature is the technology. It includes SawStop’s exclusive safety system. Through this technology, the table saw is capable of detecting if your hand gets too close to the saw. When that happens, it transmits a signal that displays a brake for the blade, and it shuts down the motor.

This SawStop contractor saw does not lack any power. Its motor is capable of reaching 1.75HP, and it delivers a performance only contractor saws can produce. The blade does 3-1/8-inches cuts at 0 degrees, and 2-1/4-inches while it operates at 45 degrees.

It also features a T-Glide system for its fence, capable of doing better measurements and smoother cuts.

Naturally, this is a heavy product. It weighs around 340 pounds. If you want to move it, you have to take full advantage of its mobile base, which comes with the table saw.

Highlighted Features
  • 10-inches carbide tipped blade
  • Left blade tilt
  • 52-inches maximum rip cutting capacity
  • 5/8-inches arbor size
  • 27-inches x 20-inches extension table
  • 34-1/4-inches table height from floor
  • 4-inches dust port
  • SawStop’s exclusive protection system.
  • High power motor
  • T-Glide fence design

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Whether you are looking for the best budget hybrid table saw or something for professional use, there are certain features you need to look out for in order to get the right product. Let’s quickly go through each one of them.

Cutting Accuracy

Accuracy is a crucial criterion when doing any woodwork, so a hybrid saw that doesn’t provide a high level of cutting accuracy is not worth it.

So before putting out your money for any model, you want to make sure it’s something that can produce fine, precise cuts.

Apart from straight and rip cuts, the saw should also be able to make bevel and crosscuts. In this case, you have to look into the accuracy of the fence and miter gauge as they are largely responsible for the overall accuracy of the saw.

Ideally, you want a hybrid saw that can cut through any wood material with ease.

Dust Control System

Another thing you have to take seriously when purchasing a hybrid saw is the dust control system.

It is no news that most contractor saws lack a good dust port. However, there are still some hybrid saws that also don’t do well in this area. As a result, you want to have this in mind when making your purchase in order not to end up with a low-quality saw.

Dust control is important as it helps to reduce the amount of dust and allergens in the work area. More so, it will ensure you have less cleanup to do after you finish working.

You want a saw that has a dust port not less than 4 inches. Anything lower than this is not good enough.

Riving Knife

Another factor you want to consider when shopping for a hybrid table saw is whether it comes with a riving knife.

Riving knives are basically positioned behind the hybrid saw blades for safety. They help to stabilize the blade and also prevent kickback.

Kickback is one of the major issues encountered by users when using the hybrid saw. A riving knife will ensure you have a smooth cutting experience.

Safety Features

The design and nature of power tools make them inherently dangerous, including table saws.

As earlier indicated, the major risk associated with using a hybrid saw is kickback. Most accidents that arise from using the tool are caused by kickbacks.

There are various safety features that are usually put in place to prevent kickback from occurring, depending on the particular model of hybrid saw. However, the two most common safety features you will find in most units are blade guards and riving knives.

You should go for a saw that comes with at least one of these features.


There are two types of drive systems usually found in hybrid saws. One is the direct drive, and the other is the belt drive.

The drive is basically concerned with how the saw blade is connected to the motor. In a direct drive system, both components are connected directly. But in a belt drive, a belt and pulley are used to do the connection.

Between both options, the belt drive is usually considered a better option as it offers greater torque. Also, since the motor is not directed connected to the blade, it doesn’t get a lot of dust. This helps to extend the life of the motor.

The only problem with belt drive systems is that they produce a lot of noise more than the direct belt. You will also need to change their belt on a regular basis to maintain optimum performance.

Left Blade Tilt

A hybrid saw may come with a left blade tilt or a right blade tilt. The left blade tilt is usually preferred as it produces less kickback.

A left blade tilt is also safer and more efficient for making angle cuts.

However, if you still need to get a hybrid saw with a right blade tilt, make sure it has a major safety feature such as a riving knife or blade guard.


Table saws are generally expensive, so it’s normal to be concerned about price, especially if you’re getting one for a personal project.

Although hybrid saws are far more affordable than the cabinet saws, they are still one of the most priced power tools in the market. So it’s a good idea to resolve your budget to know exactly how much you want to spend. This will help you find a product that is within your price range.

Most professional hybrid saws are usually expensive. However, there are also cheaper options that still high quality. It’s just a matter of finding a unit that will be able to meet your needs.

If you’re a beginner, then you will likely not need all the sophistication of a professional hybrid saw. An entry-level model will do; such saws usually cost less than the high-end models.

However, for professional woodworkers or contractors, a high-end hybrid saw would be essential.

Hybrid vs. Cabinet vs. Contractor Table Saws

As earlier indicated, before the hybrid saw came on the scene, the two styles of table saws that were popular among DIY woodworkers were the cabinet table saw, and the contractor saw.

Among the two table saws, the cabinet style was more superior in features. It was larger, heavier, more powerful and had higher pricing than the contractor table saw. As such the cabinet saw is often beyond the reach of the regular DIYer.

The contractor table saws are cheaper, but they are not as good as the cabinet saws. They have lower quality and doesn’t produce as much power like the cabinet saws.

Apart from lacking good dust control, they require a lot of maintenance and are usually difficult to adjust. As a result, most people found them inadequate for furniture making.

The hybrid saw came on the scene to address the problem with both saw options. Although they are smaller in size, they come with most of the features you will find in a standard cabinet saw. Their utility lies in the fact that they are cheaper than the cabinet saws while still offering most of their benefits. Unlike the contractor saws, they don’t need a lot of maintenance, and they usually come with efficient dust collection systems.

In other words, the hybrid saw offers the best of both worlds of the cabinet and contractor saws. This is why they can meet the furniture-making needs of both the ambitious DIY hobbyists and the professional woodworker.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the best hybrid saw brand?

This is a tricky one. It’s difficult to point out one brand that beats all without sounding bias. All we can tell you is that some brands have a higher rating than others based on the quality of their products. Most of these brands are behind the products we’ve reviewed above.

  • Where can I get the hybrid saws reviewed above?

To purchase any one of the hybrid saws above, just follow the corresponding link to visit the product page.

  • Is it advisable to cut metal with a hybrid saw?

It is possible to cut sheet metal with a hybrid saw, but this is not advisable. A hybrid saw is basically designed to cut wood, which is why it’s mostly used for furniture making. If you need to cut metal, then you can get a circular saw.

  • Can I use a hybrid saw for all kinds of woodworking projects?

This is not practically possible. There are some woodworking tasks that require you to use other tools in order to achieve a flawless result.

  • How can I find out the price of these products?

Again, you need to visit the product page by following the corresponding links.


When shopping for a hybrid saw, it’s extremely important to choose the right one or else you run the risk of ruining your job.

In fact, the price of the saw alone is enough reason to settle for nothing less than the best or it would just be a waste of your hard earned cash.

Luckily, you don’t have to look too far to find the best hybrid table saw for the money. The items we’ve reviewed above are a good place to start.

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