Electric or Gas Chainsaw – Which one to choose

Perhaps you are going to buy a useful tool between electric and gas chainsaws for your need. You may have to be surprised to see the variety of models and sizes available in the market. Considering the differences between the two is the best way to select one for you.

There are some operational differences between these chainsaws. An electric chainsaw is the best when you don’t try big projects and want something comfortable to start. But a gas chainsaw can be an excellent option for you if you frequently need to cut large pieces of timber.

If you’re still doubtful about which chainsaw will fit your needs, you have to know well the differences between the two categories of chainsaws. So, you can certainly make the right decision.

Cutting capacity

You will find some differences in cutting capacity into both saws. A gas chainsaw can provide quicker cuts with a powerful engine. It also comes with broader bar lengths for more accurate cuts through sturdy wood. That’s why it takes less time than an electric chainsaw.

Runtime and Refueling

Electric chainsaws come in two forms. One is corded, and the other is cordless. You can work in long projects with a corded chainsaw, but it needs power sources to run. Also, a cordless chainsaw has rechargeable batteries that last for only one hour. So you may fail to complete your work on time. Besides, a gas saw will last far longer, and you need hardly refuel it.


A gas chainsaw is much louder than an electric one, which has a negative environmental impact. It can create a hearing loss of your family members and neighbors. To protect the eardrums, everyone must need to wear perfect hearing protection. Instead, an electric chainsaw is eco-friendly and cannot produce any irritating sound.


A gas chainsaw is more powerful than an electric chainsaw. When you do a big cutting job, you will need more cutting force. Don’t need to worry as long as you have a capable gas chainsaw. Besides, you can use an electric chainsaw when you do simple work around your household.

Size & Weight

An electric chainsaw is always lightweight and a handy tool. It doesn’t have the gas engine like a gas chainsaw. Besides, a gas chainsaw seems to be a bit bigger and bulky than an electric chainsaw.


You will have difficulties to carry an electric chainsaw to a remote place. It will need a connection from power sources or an AC generator. You have to choose a gas chainsaw instead. Also, you can bring a battery-powered cordless chainsaw when you are far from your home.

Purchasing Cost

As a gas chainsaw has a complicated structure and some additional accessories, it will cost you more than your electric chainsaw. Also, a corded chainsaw is far cheaper than a cordless chainsaw and deliver more power. Again, an electric corded chainsaw may cost not more than 100 dollars and ideal for users who need small to medium lumber to cut.

Servicing Cost

An electric chainsaw takes less servicing cost as compared to a gas chainsaw. As the electric chainsaw contains a reliable electric motor, you won’t need to repair it often. You will also have to provide attention to the guide bar to ensure that the chainsaw is running smoothly.

As the engine of the gas chainsaw is more complicated than an electric chainsaw, it may need servicing regularly. Also, you have to check its other mechanical components. If you learn to repair your chainsaw by yourself, you will save both time and cost.


There are some positive and negative aspects of both chainsaws. You will need to decide which one can fulfill your requirements. If you’re cutting through big massive logs, go with a gas chainsaw. But if you are going to cut the wood and want some yard work around your household, an electric chainsaw will be an excellent option for you.

Remember, don’t forget to grab your safety goggles and mask, and bring some extra fuel or batteries. Be cautious about an inappropriate chainsaw, which can cause unnecessary physical injury.

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