How to Cut Baseboard with Miter Saw

When you walk into a wood workshop, you are likely to find a miter saw placed on a table.

The saws are very large in size and are stationary, thus are put on tabletops so that they can be used to cut things up. By things I mean boards, it is used to cut down huge boards into smaller and more workable pieces.

If you are new at using a miter saw, it is advisable that you do some research and go through the how-to articles like how to cut baseboard with miter saw and videos before starting.

That’s because the blades on these are very sharp and need to be carefully dealt with. Be sensible and avoid unnecessary injuries or accidents.

Things You Are Going to Need

You are gonna need a few things other than the miter saw. Keep a measuring tape with you because eyeballing it could go wrong and once the board has been cut, you can’t undo it.

In addition, you are going to need a pencil to mark the place you are going to cut.

You will also need a dust mask and a pair of safety glasses. That’s because once you start sawing there is going to be a lot of dust particles flying around. And you do not want them in your eyes or inside your mouth.

In addition, if you have any miter saw stand, then you should fit your saw on it for better efficiency with the cutting process.

With all the supplies out of the way, we are now going to get into how you are going to cut the baseboard perfectly using a miter saw.

How to Cut Baseboard with A Miter Saw

Here’s a step-by-step guide to cutting a baseboard with a miter saw.

Step 1

Normally, to get the perfect 45-degree angle on the board, people tend to use a cope. It gives you more control over your cuts.

A 45-degree angle is needed when cutting a piece of baseboard because all the pieces must fit together perfectly.  Otherwise, it is not going to look good; rather it will look messy and sloppy.

The first thing you are going to have to do is take the measurements of the wall on which the board is going to be placed. And do leave some room for error if you are a beginner. Sometimes it will need to use a compound miter saw depending your work and it is quite critical to use.

So be sure to familiar with the use of a compound saw and then start working. If you have a dewalt miter saw then it might be locked and you need to unlock the saw before starting.

Step 2

Once you have done all of that, set the angle of the blade at 45-degrees. Look at your miter gauge and find the 45-degrees mark and rotate the saw head towards the mark point.

Step 3

Don’t forget to put your mask and glasses on for safety. And then you have to identify if you are making an inside cut or outside.

Because that is going to determine what part of the board you will need to cut off.

Step 4

The main thing is that, the perfect cut mostly depends on the sharped blade of the miter saw. So check the blade before starting your work. If needs then make it sharpen by using file guide or if you have a budget the go for a new one and change the blade of the miter saw.

Step 5

Once you know what type of cut you are making, you need to place the piece of board on the bed of the miter saw.

Then, you will need to cut off the face or the profile off the baseboard if you are planning to make an inside cut.

If somehow you make a mistake with the inside or the outside cut, you can always correct it by taking the profile or back off depending on what you need.

Step 6

Once the cutting is complete, you should file down the edges of the board and should also test to see if it fits well with the one it is going to be connected to.

Trim or file a bit more if need be. But make sure that you do not trim too much because these should have a tight fit so that there is no space in between the two connected boards.

With that, your work is done.


It is likely that you will not get your desired result on the very first go. You will need to practice a lot to get it perfect.

But do not lose hope and keep going.

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