How to Cut Logs with a Chainsaw

You can easily cut the logs if you have a chainsaw. But this process may bring dangerous accidents if you don’t know the right process. Do you know how to cut logs with a chainsaw? If you don’t know or know a little bit, let check it here. Because your safety is always the first priority for any work you do.

You may need to cuts logs for making firewood, other household works, or business purposes. But it is important to know the right process first because the sharp saw can make serious harm. I have tried to apparel the process simply. Hope you can get the whole cutting process and do the cutting tasks quite easily and safely by yourself. So, let’s start.

Equipment Required

For cutting logs you need some equipment. These are also needed for your safety.

A suitable chainsaw

A suitable chainsaw is the main thing you need to cut the logs. It is important to be suitable for your work. Otherwise, you will face many difficulties.

So, you must select the right type of chainsaw when you going to buy it.


It is important to use enough fuel to run your chainsaw without any trouble. Even if your chainsaw runs by battery or electricity, you have to use the right type of oil in the chain for smooth cutting. You need to know clearly about what type of oil does a chainsaw use.

Claw bar

You need a claw bar for fast and smooth cutting. It helps a lot when you will cut the big logs.


You will not get the logs in the right size for cutting. For this reason, getting a suitable hammer can help you to solve this problem.

Safety gears

Safety gears are very important for this process. They will protect your limbs and increase your safety. You have to wear rubber boots, protective trousers, gloves, ear defenders, hard hat and eye protector glass.

How to Cut Logs with a Chainsaw

The Right Cutting Procedures

The main thing in this process is cutting the logs. If you follow these steps, you can complete this task easily and safely.

Check chainsaw before starting the work

It is important to check the chainsaw before you start your work. Check the fuel amount; saw belts, chain, and other parts to ensure the good cutting from the tool. If you find any problem, solve it and then start your work.

Clear the area

Always ensure that you have enough space for the cutting work. If there is any object or person near 5 meters of the log, take aside them when you are working. You have to clean the unnecessary waste from the area to ensure more safety.

Stand in right posture

A good standing position helps you to get good balance and safety. It can also prevent fatigue. Make sure your feet are spread wider than shoulder length. This position will give upper body support and comfort to handle the chainsaw.

Cut branches first

When you cut a tree to give it an ideal log shape, you have to cut the branches first. Small branches create a problem for the cutting process if they remain in the main log that you have selected. So, cut them first and get suitable logs.

Cutting mechanism

It is ideal to cut upwards or downwards. Most of the time cutting downwards is helpful because gravity pulls the wood downwards.

Hold the handle tightly. Make sure the guide bar nose doesn’t touch any object. Keep the saw horizontal and run the chainsaw in full power. If the saw is stuck, turn off it and solve the problem.

In case the saw chain is pinched

The saw chain may get pinched when you operate the chainsaw. If it happens, turn off the chainsaw and check it properly. You have to use your hands so carefully.

Sometimes you have to disassemble the saw and reassemble it after pulling it out.

Hope by following these steps you can complete the cutting works of the logs properly.

Final Words

The log cutting process is quite easy. But you have to do this work by maintaining your safety. This is why you need to know the right process. Hope you have already learned this and you will do this work properly. Now it is time to try this practically.

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