How to Use a Jigsaw to Cut a Straight Line

A jigsaw is one kind of power saws consisting of an electric motor. It has a reciprocating blade at the bottom which can cut wood, plastic, metals, laminate, PVC, etc. Different kinds of saw-blades are responsible for cutting various types of materials; the same one can not cut them all.

It allows the user a 45-degree cutting angle concerning a typical vertical stroke. A jigsaw is an excellent tool for giving the materials a desired shape. Though you can make the straight, curved, and irregular cut, it is mostly used for creating curve-shaped designs.  But after purchasing a jigsaw, you must attempt to cut a straight line first.

Cutting a straight line may be comfortable on a paper, but doing it with a jigsaw is relatively tougher compared to other table saws. But don’t worry about it, we are here to help you in this regard. You only need to follow some instructions with the appropriate tools. In this article, we are representing all information related to How to use a jigsaw to cut a straight line. So let’s get started!

Things you will need for this project

To cut a straight line using a jigsaw, you will need the following items:

  • A jigsaw
  • A pencil or marker
  • A square
  • Piece of material
  • Two clamps
  • One measuring tape
  • Cutting board

How to use a jigsaw to cut a straight line

Step By Step Guide

After collecting all the essential tools, get to work according to the following instructions:

Step 1

Select the blade carefully. The blade type depends on the material, cutting angles, and so on. You can not cut one kind of stuff with the blade which is made for cutting other types. The speed, adjustment, and performance of the jaw also depend on its blade.

Step 2

Calculate the distance between the saw blade and saw shoe. Saw shoe refers to the lower part of metal which lies on the material when you are cutting it.

Step 3

Draw the cutting line onto the material using a pencil or marker. A measuring tape is more convenient than the ruler. It will help you to avoid cross cuts. As the material surface has resistance, you can use a fence along with the measuring tape for giving it extra support. You can also use a square along with the tape to draw a straight line efficiently.

Step 4

Now It is the time for clamping. Make a mark maintaining the previously calculated distance from the pencil line. After doing it to both sides, clamp the guide onto them. Adjust the clamp however you want. If you wish to use a straightedge, make sure that it situates at the previously calculated distance from the cutting line.

Step 5

It is time to cut! Always position the saw shoe against the guide to have a smooth straight cut. Don’t hurry at all and cut at a slow speed. Put slightly downward and forward pressure based on the material’s thickness.

How to use a jigsaw safely

Safety things you should consider

Using any saw is extremely dangerous. If you don’t become aware of the safety tips, it may lead your life to a risky stage. So you must know all the tips about How to use a jigsaw safely to avoid such kind of incidents. Here are a few precautions you must meed to follow while using a jigsaw:

  • Saws create a lot of flying dust and noise. So do not forget to wear shatter-resistant eyeglass and ear protection. Also, use a mask to protect your breathing from particles.
  • The blade of the saw is very sharp. So always keep it away from children and other people.
  • Plug the saw off each time you change the blades or clean it. Don’t forget to unplug it after finishing your work.
  • Be careful of not ruining the cutting surface while cutting the material.
  • Keep the power cord away from the cutting line; otherwise, you might end up cutting the cord. It may create a massive accident. The wire should be extended enough to move quickly.
  • As you start cutting, keep your hands, clothes away from the rotating blade to avoid accidental incidents.
  • Don’t use broken blades. It tends to create a danger for you. Keep checking the blades and other parts regularly. Do not use a dull jigsaw to avoid the injury of kickbacks.
  • After cutting anything, the jigsaw gets very hot. So let it dry before touching it.


As the blades of the jigsaw are long and narrow, you will face some troubles while guiding it in a straight line. It may seem more straightforward, but the chances of not getting a straight line are high if you don’t follow the discussed steps. Our article covers everything about How to use a jigsaw to cut a straight line along with its safety tips. So if you follow this correctly, you will get a smooth straight line.

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