How To Sharpen A Chainsaw With A File Guide

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Sharpening chainsaws can be a hassle. Without finding the right store, or the right kind of machine, and the added danger, it could get annoying to go through so much trouble every time the saw goes blunt.

There are a few different ways you could sharpen a chainsaw at home; some of them slightly safer than the other. Using file guides can be an easy and safe way to do this. Added to that, it is a cheaper alternative to the various other methods. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps to learn how to sharpen a chainsaw with a file guide!

How to Sharpen a Chainsaw With a File Guide

Adjust Your Chainsaw

In order to sharpen the chainsaw, you must find a good spot to clamp it down. A table will work fine for this job. Herein, a vise or a tabletop clamp can hold the chainsaw down, so it does not shift while you sharpen.

The chain on the saw must be tightened as well. All you need is to turn the tension adjusting screw on the chainsaw, until you have the desired effect.

Filing might get a little confusing if you can’t decide where you started. So, just mark the first tooth you will work on with a permanent marker and the whole problem goes away.

Setting the File

The first thing to do would be to use a file holder and set the angle of your file. Always remember to get a file of the same diameter as the chainsaw.

The file holder will help determine which angle to file each cutter from, since every tooth has an alternative angle. When filing, you must choose one type of cutters to work with, and then go back and do the rest.

Start Sharpening!

Once you know the right position, place the file and push it through the cutter. Do this a few times, without excessive pressure, but remember to always go forward.

Going backward with your file will damage the cutters and the file itself. Sharpen every second cutter from the first marked one, working on each 3 to 10 times.

Once you are done with one set, go ahead and turn the chainsaw 180 degrees and sharpen the next type of cutters.

File ‘Em Down

For this, you will require a flat file and a depth gauge. Your job is to file down the rakers on the chain to make them level with each other. The gauge will reveal the portion you must file down.

Just file every other raker to the same height, until they are all the same. Be careful not to file down the gauge itself. Once you are done, loosen up the chain again and you will have a fresh, working chainsaw.

Final Thoughts

While there are various other ways a chainsaw chain could be sharpened, the file guide is the safest. There are no risks of cutting yourself and even if it does take a little more time, this method is effective.

Plus, you can find files pretty much anywhere and they are very easy to maintain. So, now you know an easy effective way to sharpen your chainsaw, right in the comforts of your garage.

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