How To Sharpen A Chainsaw With A Grinder

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Imagine the frustration when you’re working with your chainsaw and it turns out to be so blunt, you’re just wasting precious time. This just adds another little note in your already filled up to-do list.

And even if you are not that busy, wouldn’t it be better, if you could sharpen that chainsaw of yours right at home? If you know about how to sharpen a chainsaw with a grinder or with a file guide this is just an easygoing task! It saves time and money, and makes life so much easier. We all know how annoying it is to have to drive around for a proper place to get your work done.

But this can be a little confusing right? You might be thinking what should you use to sharpen chainsaws; grinder or file guide?

File Guide Vs Grinder

  • File guide is a hand tool to sharpen a chainsaw where grinders do machine filing that operates with electrical power.
  • Sharpening with a grinder is fast than with a file guide.
  • Sometimes you may not able to do sharpening to the right angle of the chain where grinder allows to set and keep an exact angle while grinding.
  • You can use the file guide at your outside work where you can’t be able to use the grinder.
  • Sharpening with a grinder much last longer than filing.
  • File guide is less expensive than grinder.

So choice is yours. You need to consider your work requirements, budget etc. while choosing either the file guide or grinder. Experts recommend both you can use but keep a choice in the best choices chainsaw sharpener and also you have to know how to do this sharpening job for having best results.

In this article we will talk about using a grinder to sharpen your chainsaw. So, just get it done in the comfort of your home, following these steps. Learn an easy way that saves time and money!

How To Sharpen A Chainsaw With A Grinder

Easy Steps to Follow

Get A Chainsaw Grinder

This one’s easy! Look around for a good hardware store or online store, see if they have the kind of grinder you’re looking for. And angle grinder is great for those working at home, since it can be handheld.

You could also go for one that can be fitted on to a table. This way, your grinder has more stability and you are at less of a risk. You can of course look at both types and buy the one that suits your need. Getting that grinder will be an investment for a lifetime.

Pick Out A Safe Place

Remember that as skilled as you might be with machines, it could still be a dangerous work. Choose a place away from children, maybe a shed or your garage. Be careful with how you hold and use your grinder, as the disc is extremely sharp.

If from use, the disc eventually becomes blunt, you can always put it against a stone, turn it on, and sharpen. A working sharp grinder gives you a working sharp chainsaw!

Get Ready To Sharpen!

Place your chainsaw on a table, with height and width, advantageous to your work. Make sure you have a good grip on your grinder, and locate the chains attached to it. For a fitted grinder, the chain must be taken off the saw and placed on a rail in the grinder.

This rail can be rotated, so you can get both sides of the chain. Make sure your grinder is adjusted to the right height so it can work on the right places.

Start Up That Grinder

Now that your grinder is ready to sharpen, you can start it up. Work slowly first and increase your speed as you continue. You will notice that each spike on the chain has an alternating direction.

To sharpen each spike properly, you can either grind every other spike and then rotate the chain and do the rest. Or, you could turn your handheld grinder a little for each spike and get them all in one go.


Either way, by the end, you will have a perfectly sharpened chain and if you’re careful enough, all your fingers intact too. And you can just get on with your work on the chainsaw.

Be conscious while sharpening to avoid patchy sharpening on different teeth of the chain. Maintain the perfect angle while sharpening. Grinding may take off some metal from the tooth but it will give you the best cut you want.


With a hack like this, you wouldn’t have to waste time looking for someone to sharpen it for you. Plus, you would not have to spend money every time your chainsaw goes blunt. You’ll have the machine right at home, ready to make your work much easier.

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