How to Sharpen A Miter Saw Blade

A miter saw has a blade on its arm that allows the worker to cut at various angles effortlessly and with ease.

Sharp blades will allow you to cut through things like butter. However, as time advances, a blade can become blunt and rough on the objects and thus, can give you a hard time.

Luckily, you can easily sharpen a miter blade in less than 30 minutes because we are here letting you know how to sharpen a miter saw blade at home.

How to Sharpen A Miter Saw Blade

Easiest Way To Sharpen A Miter Saw

Now, there are various ways to sharpen a miter blade. I will discuss the easiest and safest one below.

Unplug the Device

Always remember that safety is paramount. You have to ensure your safety even during sharpening a blade as well as while using it.

Before starting the task, make sure to unplug your saw from the power source.

Assemble your protective wear and gear. Wear gloves, airway protective masks, and safety goggles to prevent injuries. Any work with a blade can be nasty for your ears, so always make sure to wear ideal earmuffs.

Gather the Required Tools

In order to start sharpening your miter saw blade, you will need a few tools in your hand. You will require a diamond filer, a few crayons or any marker and lastly a working bench.

A diamond file is a first and foremost tool for sharpening a miter blade. It can be a bit expensive at times, but it is always better to invest in a diamond file rather than a new miter blade.

Crayons will help you to mark on the miter blade so that you can keep track of your work.

Finally, a workbench will help you to keep the blade in place. For better result, look for the bench which has mounted clamps.

Get Started

Once you have done all the steps I mentioned above, it is time to take the miter blade out of your saw.

Because, in order to sharpen it, you must take the blade out and put it on the clamped workbench.

Mark the Blade

If you notice, you’ll see there are multiple teeth on the miter blade. And here’s the catch; you have to sharpen each tooth one by one.

To be honest, it is a very tedious job to sharpen every tooth. If you forget the point from which you started, then it will leave you with a blade which is overdone in some areas and will remain blunt in other areas.

To avoid this, mark a tooth with a crayon or any marker. This will be your beginning point from where you’ll start the sharpening.

Filing the Miter Blade

Before starting the job, take the diamond file in your hand and practice a few times. Then, place the diamond file on the first marked tooth facing the flat part of the blade. Remember to keep the file close to the bottom and at the edge of the miter blade.

Now, move the file upward and forward in a swishing manner on the blade. Then lift the file and place it at the former position of the tooth. Repeat this several times until that tooth is sharpened.

Repeat the above process for all the teeth one by one until you have reached the starting point on the blade.

Once you have completed sharpening one side of your blade, remove it from the clamp and turn it on the opposite side to sharpen all the teeth again.

Your sharpening process will complete when you reach the starting mark again.


You can use a diamond blade instead of a file too if you are a pro at handling blades. Actually, this sharpening process is so close to the circular saw sharpening. Nevertheless, I hope this article helped you about how to sharpen your blunt miter saw blade.

Take care!

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