How To Sharpen A Table Saw Blade

In the case of a table saw, a sharp blade will help you to cut effortlessly. In contrast, a blunt one can put your safety in danger and ruin the thing you’re going to cut.

It can be difficult to replace a saw blade when it becomes blunt. Luckily, you can sharpen your blade instead of buying a new one and decrease the hassle. If you want to know about how to sharpen a table saw blade by hand at home, then this article is the right thing you chose to read.

How To Sharpen A Table Saw Blade

Do At Home Guide

Here is the step-by-step guide to sharpening a table saw blade.

Ensure Your Safety First

Safety always comes first. It is important in both using the saw blade to cut things as well as while sharpening it. Before getting started, turn off the switch of the table saw and unplug it.

Gather your protective gear such as gloves, airway protection mask, safety goggles, and suitable earmuff. The most important gears are the gloves and the earmuff which will protect your hands from the metal of the blade and your hearing, respectively.

Check the Blade

Prior to sharpening the blade, check the carbide tipped blade to ensure there is enough amount of carbide. If the blade is sharpened for several times to an extent where there is no more carbide left, then the blade will do nothing well.

Moreover, you can’t even sharpen the blade properly without enough carbide on the tip of the teeth of the blade.

Buy A Diamond Coated Blade and A Jig

A jig will aid you to hold the blade up while you work on it. If you don’t have a jig, you can use any durable hefty thing instead of it.

Using a diamond cutting blade is the best way to sharpen a blade which has a carbide coated tooth. So, spending some money to buy a diamond cutting blade is worth it though it can be a bit overpriced.

After that, change your old blade and install the diamond cutting blade to start the process of sharpening.

The Procedure After the Setup

After the installation of the diamond blade, take the toothed blade you want to sharp and place it beside the diamond blade. Practice the hand motion for several times by placing the blade next to the diamond coated blade and then pulling it towards you.

When you have done enough practice, plug in and switch on your table saw. You need to sharpen all the teeth of the blade one by one by rubbing them with the diamond blade properly and moving the blade in a zig-zag motion.

Once a tooth is sharpened completely, place the next tooth in the same manner beside the diamond cutting blade and repeat the previous process until the whole blade is perfectly sharpened.

However, remember that you have to sharpen only the inner portion of the tooth because carbide is present in that part. So, be careful while placing your table saw blade next to the diamond coated blade.

Although this is the best of all methods, it only works in case of newer carbide blades with straight edges. This process is not compatible with the curved toothed blade which is older.


Sometimes, you can use simple triangular filers to sharp the teeth manually. This comes handy in the case of the non-carbide tipped blade. Before that, you need to do the jointing and set the teeth according to the respective manufacturer’s instructions.


Sharpening a table saw blade can be a difficult task, especially for beginners. But there are no more worries! You can also relate this job to the miter saw blade sharpening or circular saw blade sharpening as  all the blades are circular sized. But as table saw blade is more complicated and hardened than the other circular blades, it needs some extra efforts and that’s why I am here to help you!

I hope the article helped you to get an idea about how to sharpen your blunt table saw blade. Adios!

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