How to Use a Bandsaw

What is a Bandsaw?

A bandsaw is one kind of saw having a sharp blade. This long blade has a continuous toothed metal band which situates between more than one wheel. The blade rotates continuously with its wheels to cut various items.

It moves through the upper part of the table and also a little section of the rotating blade is visible to the users. But some of them allows us to adjust the exposal according to our need. Some also enable controlling rotational speeds and curved cutting based on the surface of the table.

To be precise, it is a power saw used for cutting material such as woods, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, etc. to give them a curved or irregular shape. An electric motor powers it most often. We can quickly get our preferred uniform cut from equally controlled tooth load.

Types of Bandsaws

There is various kind of band saws based on their different properties.

1. Based on cutting materials

The metal cutting band saw

The blades of the metal cutting band saw provides a better adjustment and material control. The edges are way too different than the wood cutting saws.

The wood cutting band saw

They are specifically designed for cutting woods.

2. Based on directions

Vertical band saw

This type of band saws require an upright position of cutting. The power is transmitted by a belt which enables controlling the speed of the blades. They are an excellent tool for contouring and polishing in an efficient manner.

Horizontal band saw

They are floor-mounted equipment which helps to cut materials like steels while giving them an irregular shape. It uses a pulley along with the belt. We can easily adjust the speed whenever we want. We have to cut the materials keeping them in a horizontal position. The most significant advantage is that we can cut materials at right angles.

3. Based on the size of the cutting area

Floor standing band saw

The professionals mostly use the large band saws. They consist of a potent motor capable of cutting large materials. They are also very expensive and not very suitable for unprofessional. They have a wide cutting area, a large table, and better facilities for positioning.

The handheld band saw

They help to trim pieces of pipes while plumbing. The main difference from the floor standing band saw is that, they have a narrower cutting area. They provide some facilities for adjusting positions and portability.

Benchtop band Saw

They are almost the same as floor standing band saws. They are light-weight, portable,  inexpensive, and are smaller than the previous two types. But they are so powerful. We can easily clamp it above the surface of the table or workbench.

How to Use a Bandsaw- Step By Step Guide

After purchasing a band saw, you must know the basic rule of using it. It can be troublesome to the users who haven’t cut anything with saws before. So we are representing step by step suggestions about how to use a bandsaw.

Step 1

First of all, read the instruction manual carefully and set the band saw up. It can take some minutes for the professional users. But don’t worry if you are a beginner. Take your time and set up the saw following the manual.

Step 2

Now, its time to set the height. Remember that, the height of the band saw should cross the height of your waist.

Step 3

Select the blade you need for cutting. If you use a small blade, it will give you a narrow space to turn. It is less durable but offers a more precise shape compared to the large one. Again, the large one will enable you for a turn with a broader area. They are best for resawing or cutting straight lines but give a less smooth look.

Step 4

Adjust the tension of the blade for preventing it from slipping. Don’t do it when the machine is plugged in. Then set the pressure of the blade by the knob following the manual. If you adopt the Flutter Method, you can do it within a few minutes. Keep checking the tension at a time interval.

Step 5

You can track the blade by opening the casing of the upper wheel. Make sure that the blade doesn’t stumble while rotating. Set the blade guards in a proper position. The position of the blade should be perpendicular to the work table. Otherwise, you will get a defected cut.

Step 6

Now, draw the shape of your wanted form on the materials using a pencil or marker. Make sure that there is enough light and no mess around the workplace so that you can move the materials accurately.

Step 7

Finally, plug on and start the band saw. Keep tracking the position of the blades. If you notice any wobbling, stop the bind saw and adjust them again.

How to Use a Bandsaw Safely

The band saw is a versatile tool and dangerous as well. You have to be aware of how to use a bandsaw Safely. So while using a band shaw, don’t forget about the following safety tips.

  • Ensure sufficient light while using a band saw.
  • Wear goggles or safety glass to protect your eyes from flying wood chips.
  • Avoid unnecessary ornaments of clothing to keep yourself safe from the sharp blades.
  • Check the condition of the blades and wheels several times before plugging on the machine.
  • Set up everything well according to the manual. Nothing should be undone or half-done.
  • The stock should be flat on the surface of the work-table.
  • Before pushing the material, let the machine run at its full speed.
  • Don’t hurry and push so hard.
  • Keep the blade away from the children.
  • Wait till the machine is totally off before removing the blade’s stock.
  • Maintain a distance of at least 4 inches of from the blade.

Final Words

A band saw is a useful tool for everyday activities. It provides excellent performance for doing a lot of projects. Firstly it may seem a little bit difficult. But after giving some time, you will find it very easy to use.

We have provided all the information about using it in this article. We hope, our guideline of how to use a bandsaw will help you to use them effectively.