How To Use A Miter Saw Stand: Step-by-step Guide

Miter saw are not any complex if you know the right process of using. The process is very easy when you have the same brand saw and portable stand. But the complications get to your feet when you use a versatile miter stand with various miter saws.

No worries at all. We have here summed up a simple outstanding step-by-step process of using a miter saw stand, whether the saw and the stand are the same branded or not.

How To Use A Miter Saw Stand

Step 1: Assembling the stand

  • First, unpack the miter stand.
  • Then set up the legs by just pushing the locking/unlocking button if any or just pulling up the legs. Make sure that they are locked in the perfect position.
  • Screw all the locking screws to the guides and lock the work support brackets in place with a long locking screw.
  • Adjust the height of the work support surface by tightening or loosening the knobs on both sides of the stand.

Step 2: Ensuring the safety issues regarding the saw and the stand

  • Check if your miter saw is in good condition to operate.
  • Make sure to unplug the power socket because any accidental starts may cause serious injury.
  • Ensure the optimum stability of the stand by examining all the screws and checking the load capacity.

Step 3: Mounting the saw

A) In case of same branded miter stand

  • First place the saw in operational position with blade facing you. Attach it to the mounting brackets by using suitable bolts, washers, etc. Make sure the position of the locking handles stays in the front direction of the saw.
  • Hook the front of the mounting brackets over the front of the saw stands main frame crossbar. Then push the brackets down to engage onto the saw stand.
  • Fix the position of the saw to make it stable and secure in the position. Then firmly lock the brackets into place by just pressing the locking levers.
  • Finally, securely tighten up the four mounting bolts that are holding the saw to the mounting brackets of the stand.

B) In case of universal miter stand

  • If you have any universal miter stand that is not manufactured by the same manufacturer of the saw then you may need an adaptor plate. Experts say to use any square or rectangular piece of wooden plywood or any kitchen worktop that can be matched with the footprint of your saw.
  • Take measurement to drill the adaptor plate in a way so that it can be bolted to the mounting brackets by using appropriate bolts.
  • Then attach the plate to the miter stand and then position your miter saw upon the adaptor plate. Be sure that most of the weight of the saw is centered over the two crossbars of the stand.
  • At last, mount the miter saw to the adaptor plate using the holes in the miter saw base. Select the appropriate hardware bolts to ensure the perfect fixing of all the adjustments.

Now make your cut according to your preferences. But before any cut, it is wise to check the stability of the saw and the stand in full operational mode.

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