How to Use a Pole Saw

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Do you always have a hard time cutting thick branches or vines from the ground with a pruning saw? If this is you, your options are to get a ladder or use a pole saw. Opting to use the best pole saw may be much easier since using a ladder may be dangerous.

A pole saw may either be electric, gas-powered, or cordless. How each tool is powered determines the purpose it is made to serve. Therefore you need to find out what you need to do with a pole saw to find the perfect match to use on your yard.  These tools also comes with different cutting bars and chains designed for specific diameters of branches.

In this article, we will explain how to use a pole saw to help you in your trimming and landscaping tasks. Here are key things you need to consider.

How to Use a Pole Saw

Be safe

The first thing and most important part of trimming hard to reach branches is to observe safety. Ensure you’re wearing protective gear which includes work gloves, goggles, boots, and a hard hat. They prevent falling vines and branches from harming your body. These items are important and must not be missed since they will keep your body safe. Avoid wearing open footwear such as flip-flops or sandals. Also, avoid cutting thick branches. The thicker they are, the longer it takes to cut which poses more danger.

Clear the area

Before working on the high branches or garden ensure that the area is clear. This means no people or pets that might get hurt by falling branches. Once you have a plan, you can proceed to prepare the pole saw and start cutting.

Check out which branches to cut off

Decide what branches or vines you need to trim or cut down then identify the ones to cut first depending on their height. Some branches may require you to extend the pole saw a little further especially when you want to avoid moving your arms up and down as it can be tiresome.

Check your pole saw extension

Most pole saw can be adjusted to the desired height when cutting branches. To adjust your pole saw, loosen the extension collar, pull the pole saw out to the desired length, and then tighten the collar once more. This should allow you to reach any branch without moving your arms. Depending on what each pole saw use, you may need to either have the saw plugged into an electric source or gas-power.

Start cutting from the bottom

With the right pole length, it becomes easier to cut branches while maintaining a safe distance. When you begin the process, it will be much easier to cut from the bottom first. In this case, you can shift to different angles or direction but ensure it all starts from the bottom. Once you’re through, you can proceed to cut through the higher branches. This will help remove any distractions from the bottom and predict where the branch will fall.

Avoid cutting branches along power lines

It’s hard to predict where the branches will fall, so power lines are a no-go zone. Power lines are dangerous and when you’re working with a pole saw, ensure you keep a safe distance from such areas. Avoid working on a branch or vine that is close or in contact with a power line. It’s important to observe your safety and people around you.

Start cutting with a groove

Start with simple slow strokes then proceed to deep cutting. Try to cut the branch perpendicularly but do it in different positions. This will ensure that your first strokes are deep enough to cut off the branches. This stage allows you to create a perfect groove that will act as a quick guide to the rest of the cutting to make the process easier.  You can do this to all the branches you intend to cut. But be cautious when making these cuts as the saw may tend to slip sideways in case the branch is sloped. If this happens, pause for a moment and reposition your saw before you continue cutting.

Cut the branch and finish

It’s time to fall off the branches. Once you have the groove, you can dive into cutting by making fast strokes. The gravity may help to cut the vines on a full stroke. But you have to be keen and focus on the branch to avoid unwanted accidents. When the branch is about to fall, leave some space to retreat safely to avoid are any branches that may fall off. This will keep you safe.

Clean up the area and start again

Cleaning up the work area should be done before making another cut and after completing the whole process. Ensure you clean up the fallen branches and limb out of your work area. This is to prevent you from tripping accidentally over the already cut branches.

More important things to keep in mind

After reading the way of pole saw operation stated above, you may think you are ready to start the saw for your pruning job. But before going out you should know some more things about pole saw operation. So please keep your eyes on to the rest of the article about how to use a pole chain saw.

Read user manual

You must need to read the machines user manual to learn about how to use a pruning saw that is provided by the manufacturer. It will help you to know about your machine’s weight, cutting capacity, required power (in case of electric saw), required amount of gas (in case of gas saw) etc. that let you to operate the machine properly.

Don’t forget about your safety

It is so important to ensure that you are taking all of your safety apparels while going for woodworking with a saw. Safety apparels include safety hand gloves, eyeglasses, safety helmet, safety chainsaw trouser etc.

Be aware of any unwell situation

Please try to be aware of any unwell situation that may happen while working with a pole saw such as saw’s kickback, falling branches, chain split etc.

Try to Remain Stable

The good thing about wearing protective gear is that it becomes easier to maintain balance while you work on the hard to reach branches. When you clear the work area and balance yourself, it will be much easier and faster to use your pole saw over your head.

Bottom Line

It is no doubt that landscaping and pruning activities have become easier, thanks to powerful pole saws that continue to evolve every day. This includes improved features that make pruning and trimming easier. There is so much out there about pole saw, but these key tips will give you a brief idea of how to use a pole saw for easy and safe trimming of limbs and branches. Also, don’t skip wearing a protective gear and maintain a balance when cutting your vines or branches.

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