How to Use a Portable Band Saw To Cut Wood & Metal

The ratio of the band saw’s usage is increasing day by day. DIY enthusiasts, carpenters, woodworkers, and other professionals use powerful saws when they have cutting jobs. These tools are a good option for cutting metal or related applications.  Again, sometimes they also use portable band saws when they need to do cutting tasks out of their workplace or where they don’t have access to electricity.

Generally, a portable band saw can cut a pipe from four to six inches in diameter and can provide you accurate finishing of the cut. But everyone can’t experience such performance as they don’t know how to use a portable band saw. So, if you are entirely newbie and want to use the band-saw, we suggest you to learn how to operate a portable band-saw adequately. And to learn that, you may read through this article.

How to Use A Portable Band Saw

Step 1: Safety and Preparation

After receiving the band saw, you need to familiarize yourself with that particular model. You will notice that there are speed switches and a trigger for starting the machine. So, you should understand the method of holding the two handles while operating the device as it is essential for your safety.

Step 2: Checking the Blade

The blade is an essential feature of a band saw. So, you need to check the blade, whether it is sharp or not before start operating the device. If you feel that you need to change the saw-blade, you should replace it with the help of a tension release handle on the forward end of the saw.

Step 3: Preparing the Saw

Before starting the cut, you need to place the saw blade firmly against the metal. You should ensure that the shoe of the band saw is in contact with the stock. That means you have to keep it in place and shouldn’t move it. Then, you should try to avoid exerting too much pressure lest the band saw shouldn’t respond well.

Step 4: Marking the Materials

Before starting the cut, you need to mark the materials as per your needs. For example, while cutting materials like pipe, you should mark around the diameter to get ultimate finishing from your cut.

Step 5: Fastening the Materials

At the time of cutting, you need to ensure that the material has been placed safely. For that, you can use a vice to clamp the object, or you ask for help from your friends to hold the application.

If you want to cut materials such as pipe or bar, you need to know that these types of objects may begin spinning, once the blade gains traction during the cut. So, any out of control can make you causing mistakes. That’s why you should be cautious enough while operating the band saw.

Step 6: Executing the Cut

For completing the cut, you need to place the blade against the stock. And you should ensure that it is parallel to the line that you have marked to cut. Then, you need to squeeze the trigger and apply pressure for the blade to start cutting. You need to keep a close eye always on the saw blade to ensure that it is aligned with your cut mark.

Step 7: Finish the Cut

After reaching the end of the cut, you need to keep a tight hold on the saw. You should do that because the band saw may jerk or buckle when it approaches the end of a cut. Also, you need to watch to make sure that the debris falls to a safe place.

Step 8: Wait Patiently

When your cut is complete, you should release the trigger and wait for the band saw blade to stop moving. Once it stops, you can move to your next cut. You need to remember that the saw shouldn’t be set down while it is still running; because it can pull dirt and debris into it, and can cause malfunction.

And the essential fact is, you should take care of yourself by being conscious while operating the device. Otherwise, you may lead yourself to serious injury.


In this way, you can accomplish any cutting task with the aid of a good band saw. If you work with the wrong band-saw, then it will be difficult for you to get the best result out of your device. So, you should make sure that you are using the best portable band saw.

And after choosing the right cutting device, you need to learn its functionalities thoroughly before start operating. For that, you can read manual and instructions that come with the package. If required, you can take the expert’s advice as well.

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