How to Use a Table Saw

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Table saws are tools that come in handy in a lot of your projects. If you work in construction where you have to work with wood, or if you’re a crafty individual who takes up DIY projects regularly, then learning how to use a table saw is a must. They help you to get the wood in the shape you want faster and quicker than a hand saw.

Why You Might Require A Table Saw

  • Table saws will come to your aid when you want a nice, clean or precise cut from the wood.
  • You can cut down boards and also create crown moldings.
  • This tool is a good choice if you wish to straighten out your curved or crooked boards.
  • If you’re pressed for time, this tool will help you out with polished cut very quickly.

The Parts Of A Table Saw

Before I begin, let me familiarize you with the parts of a table saw and what they do. If you already own a table saw, you can match the descriptions with the appropriate parts and understand how they work.

Common Parts of a table saw

However, if you’re yet to buy your tool, don’t worry! You can still read this article and learn these basics so that you know what you’re doing when you finally buy this thing.

Table: A flat platform to put your wood on.

Fence: This part is there to work as a guide and placed parallel to the blade so that you can place your little finger beside it and move your hand smoothly without the fear of getting cut.

Fence Dog: It’s a level below the fence to keep it in its place. When you wish to move the fence, pull the lever upward. To keep it immobile, press it downward.

Blade: Of course, the thing you cut with.

Blade Insert: Since there are different types of blades, you can choose the blade that best suits your purpose and put it in place through the blade insert.

Blade Height Adjustment Wheel: This option will let you level the saw as per your comfort.

Blade Angle Adjustment Lever: It’s the other lever you can use to move the blade in accordance with the table.

Power Button: You have to pull out the bottom when you want to turn the machine on and push it down when you want to switch it off.

How to Use A Table Saw

Complete Guide for the beginners

There are two methods you can follow while using a table saw. Let’s talk about them.

First Method

The first and safer option is to place the blade around 1/8” higher than the top layer of the wood you intend to cut.

However, the above-mentioned method can lead to more damage to the back side of the board and increase the chances of being faced with a kick back. It happens when the blade cuts through the wood horizontally rather than vertically.

Second Method

The second method is to position the blade with sufficient distance from the top of the wood.

This will result in less tear and wear of the material but is more dangerous for you. In any instance, if you slip, you’ll have more portion of the blade exposed which can cause irreparable damage.

So, in other words, one method will save the wood and put you in danger, and the other will give you more space to be careful but wear the wood out. In the end, it’s wise to choose your safety than the condition of your material.


So, there you go folks! I’ve attempted to familiarize you to the parts and the two ways to get your material cut.

Choose the method wisely and remember, always wear eye and ear protection. Also, make sure your clothes are fitting and not hanging loose while you are working.

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