5 Reasons You Should Invest In A Shop Fox Table Saw

If you are someone who is a carpenter, contractor, works in the construction industry, or any other related field, then a table saw is a piece of equipment that you must have. This will let you work efficiently, seamlessly, and quickly in the above-mentioned jobs. For this type of worker, cutting wood is an essential and everyday task. They know that cutting wood is very time consuming and does not provide neat edges.

As a solution to this problem, they use a table saw to cut wood fast and with perfection. They don’t want to use inappropriate tools for the task as it will reflect on the results and the quality of work. Thus, you can also use a table saw to ensure your finished job looks professional and displays perfect craftsmanship. In short, this one investment will give you several uncountable benefits.

Nowadays, there are many brands available that are selling saws. Every brand has a unique feature, including speed, capability, power, or cost. Some of the most popular brands of table saws are given below, with their country of origin.

Brand NameCountry of Originn
Shop FoxUSA
SawStopOregon, US
DewaltUnited States
SkilAmerica nn n
Makita nnJapan n n
Powermatic nOregon, USAn
Rockwell nWisconsin, USA n

From these, and many other brands to choose from, Shop Fox is one such brand that will not disappoint you. It ticks all the checkboxes and holds the qualities that are expected of a table saw. When you are making a capital investment, you must make a proper one because you will likely use it for years to come, and use this in creating other products as well.

Model NamenIn Shortn
Shop Fox W1837A robust 2HP motor hybrid table sawn
Shop Fox W1819Useful for slicing through wood effortlessly
Shop Fox W1824Stable design and mobilityn
Shop Fox W1827nSharp and strong nn
Shop Fox W1851Highly useful and functionaln

Why you should invest in a Shop Fox Table Saw: 5 Focal Reasons

There are many things you need to look for before purchasing a table saw. You can start checking the price, design, functionality, and value for money. When you are investing, be sure to make it worthwhile. So, here is a complete buying guide to help you pick your ultimate Shopfox model table saw.

1. Portability

Depending on the type of task you plan to do with the saw, you should assess the portability. If you are buying one for light work, then a Jobsite or benchtop saw will suffice. While Jobsite saws are compact and come with rollers attached, benchtop saws do not. However, they are lightweight and easy to carry. On the other hand, for heavy-duty tasks, cabinet, contractor, and hybrid saws are more suitable. In this case, they are mostly not portable.

2. Motor

A motor is an essential part of the saw. Without it, a saw cannot function. Portable table saws have a direct-drive motor and operate on 120V circuits and can produce up to 2HP. These are suitable for cutting thin materials like sheets of metal. The more robust table saws produce power between 3 and 5HP and operate on a 240V circuit. They have a belt drive to transfer the energy from the motor to the blade.

3. Saw Blades

It is the main functioning element of the table saw. This sharp piece in the anatomy of the saw is what essentially makes it useful and functional. Several factors should be considered while ensuring you have the right motor. This includes diameter, number of teeth, arbor size, kerf size, application, speed, and material. Typically, commercial table saws have blades with a diameter of 10” to 12” and have about 24 to 80 teeth.

4. Fence and Miter Gauge

These two decide the preciseness of your cuts that you make using the saw. A T-square fence has a robust design and gives ultimate accuracy, and aids in rip cuts. For cross-cuts and angled cuts, a miter gauge is a way to do it.

5. Safety

A table saw can be a piece of dangerous equipment to use, especially for beginners. Make sure basic safety features such as riving knives, splitters, and anti-kickback pawls are present. These work to minimize the rather dangerous situations that might arise. Some saws even feature a blade guard for added safety.

Why is Shop Fox different from others?

Some features give Shop Fox a competitive edge above all in the market. This is why we recommend purchasing from this brand. These features include:

Weight and mobility– although cabinet saws are hard to move around, Shop Fox makes it easy for the users. Despite being strong and sturdy, they can be moved around easily.

Vibration– immense vibration while working with any power equipment can cause unnecessary lags. Shop Fox table saws are designed to eliminate this limitation.

Safety and Stability– Shop Fox table saws include all the necessary safety features like quick‐release blade guard, riving knife, and anti-kickback pawls.

Value for money– Shop Fox table saws provide an array of useful features that offer excellent value for money. The price is affordable relative to what the equipment offers.

Specific Features of Shop Fox

Design– Shop Fox table saws are designed to provide functionality and mobility. Despite being equipment used for contractor jobs, these look as good as they can be.

 Dust Control– this is a feature that most other brands will not provide. Some models of Shop Fox have an enclosed bottom cabinet and dust chute. It helps to collect dust so that your workspace remains free of debris.

Large rip capacity– another unique feature that Shop Fox offers is the rip capacity. Some models provide a large rip capacity of as high as 30 inches. This enables it to cut through large wood stocks.

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