Pole Saw VS Chainsaw: Knowing Your Tool’s Purpose

Pole saw vs chainsaw

If you are a gardener or you have a greenery backyard then cutting dry branches, bushes and twigs are very common to do throughout a year. There are different types of cutters are available in the market to do this job efficiently.

All these types are ultimately categorized into 2 machines types, a pole chainsaw or a chainsaw. Very confusing, right? The main purpose of these two types is the same. As the name refers, most of the people say the pole saw is a chainsaw on a stick.

These tools have so many common and different features that should be considered while choosing between them to fit with your work requirements. In this article, we will know all the differences, common features, pros, and cons of these tools.

Pole saw

As mentioned earlier, some people say pole saw is a chainsaw on a stick. Yes of course this is true, but this definition is not quite enough about a pole saw because it has some unique features compared to the chainsaws.

Pole saw has an extendable pole that helps to cut hard to reach branches without using any ladder. It is made up of an engine, a long drive rod, and a saw similar to the chainsaw type but a bit shorter.

A pole saw is not always a powered saw, it may be a manual saw also. There are three types of pole saw, electric, battery-operated and gas-powered pole saw. Sometimes you may find no point in overpaying for a special tool in case you have a few trees in your garden, a manual pole saw is enough then. But a handheld pole saw can speed up your work and help you copping with any tasks related to the decorative trimming in your garden or backyard.

Pole saw uses

Pole saws are used mainly for cutting bushes, shrubs, or tree branches heights over 6 feet. As pole saw has an extendable pole so it can cut hard to reach tree branches. Pole saws are used for removing unwanted tree limbs that are dry in the winter season, dead for the biological problem or broken down by any natural disaster or block sunlight, etc. Pole saws are also used for tree pruning at the end of every winter season to ensure the proper growth of the tree.

Pros of using a pole saw comparing to a chainsaw

  • Extendable pole that helps to cut the hard to reach branches.
  • Lightweight design.
  • No need for any ladder to climb that decreases the chance of any accidents.
  • Less noise.
  • There are some pole saw models that can convert to a chainsaw.

Cons of using a pole saw comparing to a chainsaw

  • Requires more expertise to operate because there is a chance of falling cut branches on the head.
  • Less power.
  • Ideal only for cutting thick branches.


A chainsaw is a portable mechanical saw that has a set of teeth attached to a rotating chain to cut through the wood which runs along with a guide bar. With the combination of chain and guide bar, a chainsaw can cut through from small firewood to large logs. Chainsaws are also able to cut concrete, ice sculpture, etc. with this combination. As the pole saw we discussed earlier, chainsaws are also of three types, electric, gas, and battery-powered chainsaw.

Uses of a chainsaw

A chainsaw is used in different tasks like tree felling, bucking, pruning, cutting firewood, etc. Special chainsaws can cut through concrete, brick, even natural stones. But the most common use of a chainsaw is to cut through wood.

Pros of using a chainsaw comparing to a pole saw

  • More powerful than a pole saw.
  • Can cut branches of any sizes, from thicker to large.
  • Can cut through other materials also.

Cons of using a chainsaw comparing to a pole saw

  • Sometimes it may need a ladder to cut any branches above your head.
  • Louder than pole saw.

Pole Saw VS. Chainsaw: Comparison Table

Pole SawChainsaw
Can reach up to 15 feet overheadNo extendable pole to cut hard to reach branches
Ideal for thicker branchesCan cut both small and large branches
Less powerMore powerful than pole saw
Ideal for tree trimming, pruning, cleaning brushes, etc.Can be used for any kind of woodworking like tree felling, trimming, pruning, cutting firewood, wood carving, etc.


There is no clear answer to this contradiction. The main difference between a pole saw and a chainsaw is their length, capability of reaching heights. The chainsaw is the best choice if you deal with a large volume of work every day and you need not climb upon a tree with your saw.

On the other hand, if you have few trees in your backyard, you need routine pruning through the year, you don’t want to take any risk by climbing on the tree then you should go for a pole saw.

Again, if you have enough space on your workshop and you have a budget on your pocket then why not invest in both the tools? This experience will help you a lot to find the most effective tools according to your work requirements.

Hope this article will help you to save your time in the saw store!

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