Ridgid R4512 Table Saw Review

When you are about to spend some money on buying a wonderful table saw, sure you will search for the best review of the model. And so we are here today with Ridgid R4512 table saw review for you.

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Ridgid R4512 Table Saw Review

RIDGID R4512 10 in. 13-Amp Cast Iron Table Saw

Every professional woodworker knows how important it is to get the best tools for the job, no matter how much it cost. In the case of a hybrid table saw, spending a huge sum is almost inevitable when shopping for a high-end model.

But the good thing is that you can consider whatever you spent as an investment that will yield good value in the long run.

But what if you’re a hobbyist woodworker or a professional operating on a tight budget? Certainly, you wouldn’t want to make such a huge investment. Notwithstanding, you will still need a saw that can perform.

For high-quality hybrid table saw that doesn’t break the bank, one of the best options you will find out there us the Ridgid R4512. This heavy-duty hybrid saw is the ideal choice for all woodworkers who want a budget-friendly unit that offers great value for their money.

Thanks to its 13-amp motor, it delivers a performance that is very rare among hybrid saws in the same price range, while the choice of cast iron for its table construction makes it an incredibly sturdy unit.

This model has maximum 30-inches rip cutting capacity to the right and 15-inches to the left where the depth cutting capacity is 3-1/4-inches at 90 degrees and 2-1/4-inches at 45 degrees.

No doubt, this is not the largest hybrid saws out there, but it’s still a massive one. It weighs more than 250 pounds and features a semi-enclosed base in addition to its cast iron table. Interestingly, the unit also comes with drop-down caster wheels, which is not something very common with many hybrid saws.

We understand that safety can be a major concern when using tools of this nature and magnitude. Luckily, the Ridgid R4512 doesn’t do badly in this area.

The saw comes with the safety features you would normally expect from any standard hybrid saw. So don’t expect too much. That said, the tool is safe to operate; which simply means you have nothing to worry about.

While this unit might not be the most efficient as some high-end hybrid saws out there, it is still a great fit for most woodworking projects. Given its affordable price, we would say it’s a perfect deal.

The saw is basically targeted towards beginners and professionals who need a reliable entry hybrid saw for their small projects.

Bolted Legs

This unit comes with bolted legs instead of a cabinet. As a result, most users who prefer a cabinet or a more solid base consider this to be a disadvantage.

Notwithstanding, the legs still provide good support. That said, we think the saw would be better suited for light-duty projects.

High Motor Capacity

As earlier indicated, the Ridgid R4512 is equipped with a 13-amp motor that provides up to 3450 RPM. This is quite impressive, especially when compared with products in the same category.

This makes the saw reliable and suitable for cutting various kinds of wood regardless of the density.

Interestingly, you also allowed requiring the unit for 220 volts in case you don’t need the usual 110 volts it is configured for.

Less Noise And Vibration

One of the major highlights of this model that endears it to users is its low noise and minimal vibration. This is really important especially if you plan to work on projects that take a long time to complete.

Apart from its low noise operation, the saw also has a minimal vibration, which can be largely attributed to the use of cast iron for the table construction.

Large Work Area

Another good thing about the Ridgid R4512 is that it provides a large work area to accommodate different kinds of projects.

It also comes with accessory slots where auxiliary fences can be installed to hold your large workpiece. You can also check our fence reviews if you need to change it.


  • Affordable price
  • Portable unit
  • Great for beginners
  • Safe and reliable


  • Short power cord


Final Words

Hope you will now be able to take a wise decision on your table saw buying. You can check our general buying guide also where we have discussed some common factors to keep in mind while buying a table saw.

If you have any query then feel free to comment us below. We will try to discuss your problem.

Happy woodworking!

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