What Kind of Oil Does an Electric Chainsaw Use

This subject is very crucial for using the electric chainsaw properly. Many people think, does an electric chainsaw really need proper oiling? The answer is yes. But this also can be confusing what kind of oil does an electric chainsaw take. Here we will take discuss this.

An electric chainsaw is run by electric power and doesn’t use any gas or oil-based power source of energy like other chainsaws. But like most of the types of chainsaws, it needs oil too for its bar and chain lubrication.

If you have an electric chainsaw, this topic is necessary for your cutting works. Hope you will understand what kind of oil for electric chainsaw you may need if you complete this writing. Let’s start!

Why Do the Electric Chainsaw Need Oil

If you know, how does a chainsaw oiler works that will help you to understand why you need this. Most of the models of electric chainsaws have an auto oiling system. This system pumps oil continuously to the chainsaw bar and chain. When you start the chainsaw, it begins to work and the system pumps oil while the chain is rotating. It ensures smooth adjustment of the chain with the bar.

The main reason for using oil for the electric chainsaws is the lubrication of the bar and chain. These oils are special types of oil for lubrication. If you want to get the proper performance, you have to lubricate the bar and chain regularly.

Otherwise, the chain may become jammed and you may not get the proper cutting from the electric chainsaw. Using the suitable oil will ensure the excellent performance of the chainsaw.

For these reasons, you need oil for your electric chainsaw.

What Kind of Oil Does an Electric Chainsaw Use

After understanding the need for the chainsaw oil now, you may have the question in your mind that what kind of oil for electric chainsaw you should use. For the bar and chain, you can use a similar oil. The oil can also be same for the gas-powered chainsaws. You have to consider some factors when you are looking the electric chainsaw oil. And even while you will go through this paragraph, you will know what can you use for chainsaw bar or chain oil.

  • Vegetable based oils are environment-friendly. If you are aware of saving the nature, they are the great choice for you. Vegetable based lubricants also work excellently in the electric chainsaws.
  • Some oils vary their viscosity in the various temperatures. If your area has variations of temperature, they are ideal for your work.
  • Some oils reduce the throw off of the bar and chain chances. They help to keep the bar and chain together. This increases good usage reliabilities.
  • Well-known brands of electric chainsaw make lubrication oils. You can use these oils if you want to save your efforts. But they can be costlier than other oils.

By following these processes, you can find the best oil for your electric chainsaw.

Sometimes it may be difficult to find these types of oils. You can use fresh motor oil on your electric chainsaw instead of these. But we suggest avoiding both new and used motor oil. In case of emergency you can you the fresh one; but not the used one.

Why It is Important to Avoid Used Motor Oil

Avoiding the used or worst motor oil for lubrication is necessary. The electric chainsaw’s bar and chain will be hampered if you use this oil. Using the used motor is not good because:

  • Used oil can damage the whole oiling system of the chainsaw. It may cause pinch and jamming.
  • Old oil increases friction where you use oil to reduce the friction of the bar and the chain. Only new oil can give you this facility.
  • Used oil has already given its performance as a lubricant or other uses. So, its efficiency will be quite low than the new oil.
  • This type of oil shortens the lifetime of the electric chainsaw.

People use oil in the electric chainsaw’s bar and chain to get suitable performance for cutting logs or other things. But if anyone uses used oil for this, he might get a negative result instead of that. So, why would you take this kind of risk? Always use new oil for the lubrication process.

Final Words

As electric chainsaw is more environmentally friendly and has some advantages over other types, it is gaining more popularity day by day. But like other chainsaws, it needs oil for lubrication on the bar and chain to get proper cutting. For this reason, you have to use the right type of oil.

Hope you have understood what kind of oil you need for your electric chainsaw and what will happen if you do not use the right type for this machine.

All the best for your cutting works!

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  1. Thanks for the vegetable oil tip! Now I don’t have to make a special trip to the store and spend extra money on chainsaw oil!


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