Best Bandsaw for Resawing

Best Bandsaw For resawing

Resawing is a quite complex and subtle job for a professional carpenter. This job can be done safely and accurately, wondering how? A resaw bandsaw is the best solution for it. Needless to say, if you are looking for precision in woodwork, it is essential to have the best bandsaw for resawing.

The bandsaw is one of the undervalued woodcutting tools that is used to cut everything with ease. It should be on the top list for a carpenter.

Bandsaw helps to cut the thicker wood piece into thinner pieces for woodwork artifact. They are safer, simple to use, and super versatile than table saws and miter saws. It can cut curves as well as they are best for resawing.

At the same time, numerous manufacturer is competing for your attention and money. It can be challenging to figure out the best bandsaw for resawing. Hence, to help you in this case, we are signing in with our best bandsaw reviews.

Before going to the detailed review lets take a short tour to our list of bandsaw with two most important features.

8 Best Bandsaw for Resawing Comparison Table

Product NameResaw CapacityBlade LengthDetails
WEN 39626"72" Details
DEWALT DCS371B2-1/2"32-7/8" Details
Rikon 10-3054-5/8"70-1/2" Details
JET JWBS-14DXPRO12"93" Details
Grizzly G0555LX13-1/2"93-1/2" Details
Powermatic 1791216K6"93-1/2" Details
Laguna MBAND1412-17512"115" Details
Grizzly G0513ANV12-1/8"131-1/2" Details

8 Best Bandsaw for Resawing Reviews in 2020

WEN 3962 Two-Speed Band Saw – Best Bandsaw For The Money

Best Bandsaw For The MoneyThe WEN 3962 band saw is our top pick, and it comes with lots of attractive features and enhanced durability. It’s an excellent selection for the budget-conscious woodworkers that makes it the best bandsaw for the money in 2020.

Powerful Motor

This bandsaw comes with a 3.5 amp motor that can generate up to 2620 FPM. It gives you the ease to tackle the toughest resawing jobs. The machine runs on 120 volts that make it easier to crave through thick boards in a single pass.

Cutting Capacity

It allows you to crave through boards of 9 ¾ thickness along with a cut of six inches deep. The bandsaw features 72-inches blades that can cut woods from 1/8 to ½ inches in size.

Table Dimension and Dust Port

This work table has a dimension of 14 “×12 ½” that can swivel up to 45-degrees. Besides, this WEN bandsaw includes a 3-in-1 dust port to fit a variety of dust collection hose sizes.

Dual Speed Operation

The design operates at two speeds of either 1520 or 2620 FPM to meet the requirements of any project. It also equipped with 6-inches of resaw capacity that can cut board up to 6-inches.

Additional Features

Along with the bandsaw, you’ll get a flexible work light to work at night, a sturdy fence for creating straight cuts, and a miter gauge to cut along a specific angle. As we mentioned earlier, one of the affordable options.


Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw with Fence, 10-Inch

Best bandsaw reviewsGet all the features of a full-sized bandsaw in the Rikon 10-inch bandsaw. It offers all the premium quality that found in large bandsaws. Besides, it is favorite among woodworker and hobbyist who doesn’t require large cutting capacity and power for their projects.

Robust Construction

The bandsaw comes with a robust steel design that’s is stronger than other plastic models. This table provides a robust work surface, unlike other bandsaws of the same size.

Efficient Motor

It is equipped with 1/3 HP motor s which provides plenty of powers for cutting bowls and pen blanks. The bandsaw features 4-5/8 resaw capacity, which is decent for basic woodworks.

Large and Lightweight work table

It features a large cast-iron saw table which measures 13 ¾ inches by 12 ½ inches. The entire unit is only 68lbs, which makes it easier to set up, and you can move it with ease.

Additional Features

The Rikon bandsaw also comes with a rip fence that is removable to do freehand works. It also includes a dust port for vacuum hook up and safety paddle switch.

Moreover, you can raise or lower the guide with the help of micro-adjustable guidepost. In short, the Rikon bandsaw is excellent for all lightweight works and price is reasonable a well.


DEWALT DCS371B 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Band Saw

Best resaw bandsaw reviewsThe Dewalt DCS371B bandsaw comes with a superior balance and ergonomics. It is quite distinctive than other bandsaws available in the market. It also allows for more precise cuts with less hand fatigue.

As it is small in design and lightweight it can be considered as the best portable band saw in the market.

Cutting Capacity

The bandsaw comes with 2-1/2″ cutting capacity, which means it can cut up to 2″ SCH 40 pipe with ease. Its centered handle position delivers optimum balance while cutting.

Cutting Speed

It can cut the woods along with the cutting speed of 570FPM, which is good enough for lightweight home projects.

Good-quality Blade

The bandsaw features a blade length of up to 32 7/8″. It also includes dual bearing blade guide rollers that provide enhanced durability in the blade support system. Its blade tracking adjustments increase the blade life by delivering better tracking.

Ease of Use

Moreover, its tool-less blade changing lever loosens blade tension for more natural blade change. The design includes an ergonomic soft grip back handle that provides the user’s comfort and flexibility. You can hang the saw using the hanging hook without damaging the handle or base.

Additional Features

For your convenience, it includes LED work light, so you can now work in dark space. You will get 2V max band saw, TPI blade, and blade tracking wrench along with the bandsaw. This compact unit is available at a reasonable price. So, go for it!


JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit

Best bandsaw for wood carvingThe next one is designed to meet the needs of today’s most demanding woodworkers. The JET JWBS bandsaw comes with a massive cast iron frame for enhanced power.

Durable Design

The design comes with a new high tension spring design that lasts for long. It features a cutting capacity of 13.5 inches with 12 inches cutting height to cut larger pieces of wood.

Powerful Blade

It features a built-in retractable blade guard that moves up and down from 0 to 12-inches. You can deal with both small and large pieces.

Dual Operation Mode

Its super-tough cast iron frame operates with a blade speed of 1500/3000 FPM. The frame is rigid as well.

Table Dimension

The bandsaw features a 15 by 15 inches work table that’s designed to tilt 10o left and 45o right for flexibility. The 43.5 inches height ensures that you can meet a range of woodworking jobs.

Optimum Performance

Its superior ball bearing reduces friction. Unlike others, it has a Poly-V belt drive system that provides more precision. A quick-release blade tension assures fast and effortless adjustments.

Additional Features

The bandsaw also includes a blade tracking window for added safety. It also consists of an enclosed stand for the more accessible track with materials. Above all, it is the best bandsaw for wood craving as well. It comes at a decent price, which worth the features.


Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe Bandsaw, 14″

Best bandsaw reviews 2019Grizzly offers one of the largest bandsaws in the market. Talking about Grizzly G0555LX Deluxe bandsaw. It comes with classy white design with some excellent specifications and features.

Study Build

The bandsaw features a cast iron frame along with heavy-duty stand and powder coated paint. This precision-ground cast iron table measures 14 by 14 inches wit 1.5iches thickness, which is sturdy enough.

Powerful Motor

It runs with 1 HP motor, which is good enough for woodworks. The table can tilt 45o on the left and 10o o the right. The table height is 43,” which doesn’t let you bend.

Optimum Cutting Capacity

The design includes a large blade along with the optimum cutting height. The blade can operate at dual speeds including 1800/ 3100FPM.

Precision and Stability

The bandsaw features computer balanced cast iron wheels with rubber tire for added stability. It includes the magnifying window and a miter gauge for more accurate cuts.

Adjustable fence

Besides, it features a sturdy extruded aluminum T-shape resaw fence and fence scale. The fence is adjustable for blade lead.

Indeed, it’s an excellent selection for precision cuts and long-lasting performance. It includes a lockable switch with a padlock for added safety. The bandsaws come at a compatible price.


Powermatic 1791216K Model PWBS-14CS Deluxe

Best resaw bandsaw reviews 2019Powermatic Deluxe bandsaw is a capable, user-friendly machine for professional woodworkers and hobbyists. Its rugged design offers excellent accuracy and durability.

Solid Construction

It comes with solid steel and cast-iron construction. The build quality is so sturdy that it make it longer-lasting bandsaw. Its heavy-gauge and steel base cabinet offers stability and is resistant to vibration. The bandsaw features extra-large two-piece design.

Powerful Motor

The bandsaw operates with 1 ½ HP motor which delivers enough energy to cut down the thickest wood pieces. The powerful motor of Powermatic comes wide for 115-volts.

Precision and Convenience

The motor power bandsaw provides precision in the multi-grooves pulley that is driven by the Poly-V drive belt system. It includes black width marking on the tensioning block for more workspace.

Dust Removal

Unlike others, it has a 14-inch band saw along with built-in air pumps clear chips. It also features a four-inch diameter port cast into the lower housing into housing for effective dust evacuation.

Easy to access table

The best part is that the bandsaw comes with a 15/15 inch table with a 44-inch table height. Besides, it allows you to deal with heavy woodworks. Its carter quick-release handle includes three positions to allow the user to work with all tension settings.

Indeed, it’s an excellent deal to tackle heavy-duty jobs with precision.


Grizzly G0513ANV 2 HP Bandsaw, 17-Inch

Best wood carving bandsawFor those who need a respectable cutting capacity at a decent price, Grizzly is proudly offering their 17-foot heavy-duty bandsaw. The Grizzly G0513ANV 2HP bandsaw comes with the largest cutting capacity compared to all others on the list.


The bandsaw comes with precision-ground cast iron table and deluxe extruded-aluminum fence. This heavy-duty machine runs with a powerful 2HP motor which can deal with most woodworks.

Cutting Capacity

Also, its 12-foot cutting capacity and 16 ¼ foot throat are adequate for most applications.

Smooth Operation

Unlike others, it has computer-balanced cast-aluminum wheels with polyurethane tires for quiet operation. The bandsaw features quick-change blade release or tensioner, which allows greater precision and control.

Safe to Use

Besides, its blade tension indicator and blade tracking window help you to keep an eye on the blade to keep you safe.

Additional Features

Apart from this, the bandsaw features deluxe fence, heavy-duty miter gauge, dual 4-foot dust ports, and micro-adjusting geared table. It also has a European-style blade guide that usually found on machines that cost much than this.

All these excellent features assure high-quality standards. Along with the right blade and maximum cutting capacity, it’s an impressive bandsaw. Also, it comes at a decent price.


Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 14 x 12 Bandsaw

Best Bandsaw For Resawing 2019The final one in the list is from Laguna Tools which they take two years in making. The Laguna Tools MBAND1412-175 bandsaw comes with world-class fit and finish.

Efficient Motor

The bandsaw operates with one ¾ HP motor that runs through minimum voltage and provides better power. It features a large micro-polished table mounted onto oversized Trunion paired with Aluminum Hi/Low fence.

Solid-cast Wheels

It includes solid cast wheels that are electronically, dynamically balanced, and fitted with a one-piece polyurethane design. It runs cooler and longer than other conventional tires.

Ease of Use

Moreover, its double windows allow you to check both tension and tracking during machine running time. The machine has handwheel conveniently mounted under an upper cabinet for ease of use.

Dust Port

Also, you can easily remove the dust through its 4-inch dust port, as its innovative table inserts force dust into port. The fences come with two settings to allow you to support those bigger boards while resawing.

Additional Features

Its robust cast iron table and steel frame with a pyramid spine provide extra strength for heaviest lumbar. The large table can tilt 7-degree to the left and 45-degrees to the right for versatile cuts. Overall, it’s a multi functional bandsaw comes with a compatible price.


Things to Consider While Shopping: A Complete Buyer’s Guide

After going through our best resaw bandsaw reviews, when you have decided to buy a bandsaw. Here are the few things that you should consider before making a final decision.


One of the main factors to consider while buying the best bandsaw. The power of the bandsaw’s motor represents efficiency. You’ll find several models that come with approx. One horsepower or less, which is not sufficient for resawing. Since you tend to be ripping a thicker board, so more is better. Look for a machine with a minimum of one horsepower and not less than that. The market also has few models with one ¼, 1 ½, and even 2-horsepower. So, choose carefully.

Throat Capacity

Throat capacity is basically the size distance between the saw table and top blade guides. A minimum throat capacity of 8 inches or more is required to create the finest book-matched cuts. So, never compromise with the cheapest bandsaw with minimum throat capacity.

Guide Wheels

Bandsaw guide wheels drive the blade, so the quality of guide wheels affect the bandsaw. The more large drive wheels are better for maximum inertia and momentum of blade. It results in smoother cuts of woods. Bandsaw’s guide wheel can be either aluminum-made or cast iron-made. Among them, aluminum is comparatively lighter, which is used in cheap bandsaws. Cast iron-made wheels are quite heavier, which is used in high-quality bandsaws. So, cast-iron made guide wheels are best in this case.

Speed Control

Having control of the machine’s speed is essential for resawing. Experts preferred slower cutting speed for resawing to get a steady cut. It prevents the saw from binding while removing lots of material with each pass. You can use higher speed to produce faster, cleaner, and more precise cuts.

Cutting Height

If your bandsaw runs with one horsepower motor, then make sure that it has the cutting height of 6″ or above. As the motor under one HP can struggle with this width.

Blade Guides

The Blade Guides is used to make sure that the blade movement is straight. It is also the thrust support that presses against the back of the bandsaw blade. Usually, superior-quality machines have two sets of blade guide, where one placed above the saw table, and the other is underneath the table.

Blade guides are available in two types, one is sealed bearing, and the other is ceramics. Though both works excellently, the ceramic one is less durable and difficult to replace. Conversely, sealed bearing guides are durable and replaceable.

Fence System

A good-quality fence system is essential for having decent cuts. It has to be strong, stable and sits squarely on the table. If you are resawing more pieces of timber, then the fence height should be high. Most models come with 4-6 inches height, which may not be sufficient.

So better find a design along with the option of attaching some T-tacks. You can fix a 3/4 inches plywood to get better support for the timber. Also, you need to ensure that the fence cinches down well and firmly stays in place. Most bandsaw designs come with micro-adjust features that give you the ease to fix the fence.

Bevel Capacity

You need to consider bandsaw’s bevel capacity if you are doing more cuts like dovetails. Make sure that your selected design can tilt at least 45-degree or higher for miter cuts.

Final Words

Resawing offers an excellent opportunity to save money and material. Whether you are an ambitious woodworker or DIY enthusiast, you can cut rough lumber with ease.

The best bandsaw also offers excellent flexibility to produce your own veneers. Though you can get the same benefit using a table saw, but the best bandsaw for wood carving provides a precise and standardized way to do it. However, all our recommended bandsaws can quickly meet your resawing needs more efficiently.

Thank you for going through our guide. Best of luck with your bandsaw shopping!

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