How to Use A Circular Saw Without A Table

Best to Work Without A Table

Makita SP6000J Circular Saw

  • 12 Amp powerful motor
  • Precision accurate cutting
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Built-in current limiter
  • Ideal for working without a table

Are you looking to learn how to use a circular saw without a table?

Because if that’s so, you’ve come to the right place.

Today, I’ll walk you through the process of using the circular saw without a table step by step.

Hopefully, by the time you’re done with this article, you’ll be cutting stuff with your saw like a pro in no time.

How to Use A Circular Saw Without A Table

Circular saws are essential tools to own if you’re into the woodwork or have woodworking projects. These saws are most commonly used for cutting plywood boards.

Even though in most cases, tables are used for using circular saws, using the saws without a table might be a useful skill to pick up since it might not always be possible to get a table to use. Therefore, I’ll talk about two techniques you can follow to use a circular saw in this manner.

First Method

This one is perhaps the most popular method of using a circular saw without a table. In fact, I believe it is the easiest one as well.

Step 1: To start off, you should get a pressure treated plywood or some sort of wood which has a high moisture content. It may be better if you could get a special circular saw for pressure treated plywood. These saws come with a unique nonstick covering that decreases friction.

Step 2: Fit your saw with the edge guide. This will help you make even cuts from one point to another.

Step 3: Next, you’ve to set the depth of the blade accurately. The depth is to be set precisely such that the blade just goes through the wood. Generally, a quarter inch should be good enough.

Step 4: After that, place the unused pieces of wood on the sawhorses. This will enable you to make the cut anyway you want to.

Step 5: Using the right circular saw is the most effective method in making your cuts precise.

Second Method

Another popular way of using a circular saw without a table is by using a track beneath it. For this method, you have the option of either buying or making the track on your own.

Now to make the track by yourself, you’ll need a few things at first like a tape measure, pencil, combination square, chalk line either black or blue, wood screws, a drill with a countersink bit, a regular drill and of course, a circular saw.

Step 1: To make the track yourself, first you’ve to take two boards, one of which should be two and a half inches wide. It’s also better if the boards are straight.

Step 2: Next, you’ve to grab another board which is 12 inches wide and ¾ inches thick. Then cut its width at about four and a half inches according to your circular saw’s base.

Step 3: Take the smaller piece of wood and place it right along the line covering the outside line area. Clamp the vertical edges of the wood so that they are stable.

Now, the top smaller board may move a bit after clamping. Use the countersink drill to drill some holes all the way through the smaller wood and put screws on them. This should make the board stronger.

Step 4: Now the larger board is to be clamped down with the table as hard as possible. After doing a plunge cut here, you ought to place the circular saw base in such a way that it is adjacent to the smaller wood.

The rest of the larger wood that is to be cut away. Now, the blade of the saw should touch the horizontal end of the piece of wood. In respect to the larger wood, this will act as a reference point for anything you cut.

Step 5: Now for any piece of wood or plywood you want to cut, you’ve to place it below the track to clamp it tightly. Then like before, place the base adjacent to the larger piece of wood touching the small one.

Final Words

These two processes more or less wrap up how you can use your circular saw without a table. While they might seem a bit complex at first, they aren’t at all that tough.

Once you’ve done it a few times, you’ll be able to cut almost anything with your circular saw without using the table.

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